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ALTON - Len Adams provided a wealth of knowledge for participants of the Alton Hauntings Tour through last week.

The tour organized by hauntings legend Troy Taylor and presented by Adams was a three-hour walking tour. It wasn’t continuous but there were stops at different locations with brief stories and history. Taylor is known around the country and world for his haunting types of books and his tours.

“It boils down to energy,” Adams told those present late last week. “The river, the underground water system acts as a conduit for this energy. I can barely explain why, but it just seems to happen. Plus all the limestone has high quartz content and quartz seems to soak up this energy like a sponge that holds onto it and what sets it off a lot of times is you guys, the people on the tours. Their energy, their emotions are feeding what is going on."

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Limestone is a sedimentary rock formed from calcium minerals such as calcium carbonate. Quartz bands in limestone can be formed by processes such as deposition from water passing through cracks in the rock, forming a hydrothermal mineral vein.

Adams continued: “We always start at the Mineral Springs and work our way around eventually make our way down to where the old Confederate Prison was and we make our way back up Broadway and more. It is up to each individual guide to present what they want to talk about.”

Much more is in the Charles Thomas video above.

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