Couples names: Harry & Charley

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City: Alton

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Date met or started dating: April 13, 1998

Date married: October 3, 2015

What makes your relationship special? I truly believe what makes my relationship special is the way that my Charley loves and the way he has taken care of me and his love for me throughout the years and let me be me even though at times the me is a miserable grouchy irritable old man and I was even that way when I was young there are other words for but since we're in a public forum I won't use them LOL. When I had met him that day I had no idea what was going to happen and that we'd be together 25 years almost later I was on a one-way Road to Hell myself I was into a lot of bad things a lot of self-destructive Behavior and being with him kind of changed all that I found myself wanting to change because of him to become a better person because of him and he believed in me and loved me throughout all of it. his making me a step parent we have helped raise our grandchild together who will be 20 this August so I got to be a parent I've been a house spouse I've been a caretaker you know they say that sometimes you grow up and you want to emulate your parents and have what they had I believe I have Way Beyond what my parents had and still have cuz for some reason this man that I'm with still puts up with me after all these years not to mention my family absolutely adores him he's a good person he's a good man his mom did a fantastic job raising him I guess I've learned from him that love and relationships don't have to come with black eyes and bruises and busted lips. Instead I found out love comes with compassion understanding and a true heart that believes in you and wants the best for you and tries to provide it for you when you can't yourself.

Share a memory you have made together: I guess the memory that sticks out most in my mind was the day of our holy Union which is like getting married and that was July 1st 1999 and we were on opposite sides of the house we had the holy Union in a very close friends backyard and there were tons of people back there and I kept thinking is this really what I want to do you know I have the option I can just take off and as soon as I walked around the back of that house and seen him and looked into his eyes I knew there was no other place I wanted to be except beside him and that in itself was a memory because we shared that with like 150 people in that backyard that day because of all these years together there are way to many memories to pick just one.

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