Senator Says Opponents Attitude Is An Insult To The People 

         Illinois State Senator Bill Haine says "enough is enough" and it's time his opponent quit his "Do As I Say, Not As I Do" style of campaigning.

         Haine's opponent is blasting Haine for missing the recent League of Women Voters forum in Edwardsville due to a knee his doctor said is "blown out”, and will require surgery for a total reconstruction or replacement.

         "Just like my opponent, I have been knocking on of lots of doors throughout the district and talking to voters one-on-one about the issues.  On the day of the League’s forum I knew that morning I could not be seated in a chair for two hours at a time without extreme pain in my knee,” Haine said.  “We had previously notified the League that I would be late due to the Consumer Roundtable and fundraiser in Collinsville.  But, as I said in my letter to the League, my doctor ordered me to not sit in a chair or stand for extended periods. I can walk with a cane and sit to rest, but I can do neither for extended periods."

         “My opponent failed to show up at the NAACP forum without notifying them he wasn’t coming” Haine said, "but, we didn't ask him for his doctor's excuse.  He is calling me a liar.  He should judge himself by his own standards.  But, I’m not going to sit here and say he totally shunned the NAACP.  That’s a decision he has to live with."

         Haine said this is just a larger problem with his opponent whose campaign theme should be "Do As I Say, Not As I Do".  For instance, Haine’s opponent's charges that since Haine receives donations from his party leaders that Haine will not look out for the interest of the people.

         "But, when we point out that he has literally received hundreds of thousands of dollars from his party leaders, and we tie him to their plans, he is insulted," Haine said.  "He wants to take huge amounts of money from his party leaders and others and expects us to accept whatever he says without question.  Well, that's a huge insult to the voters of our area."

Haine listed a number of proposals from the Republican leader Christine Radogno and other groups that in his opinion would be devastating to the metro east area and the state.

         "The Reality Check plan issued by Minority leader Radogno has many bad ideas that will hurt our local governments, our families along with our schools and universities and seniors.  Other groups who have given him tens of thousands of dollars have plans that will also devastate our area," Haine said.

         Haine said the plans of the supporters of Mike Babcock would:

  • Take almost $1 billion from education hurting our K-12 schools, SIU-E and Lewis and Clark Community College.  The only way to make up the difference is to raise our property taxes and hike tuition.


  • Shift the cost of pensions for our school teachers from the state to our local school districts, which will raise our property taxes, require our teachers to pay out of pocket for pension costs along with putting teacher's pay in jeopardy.


  • Take $300 million from our counties, cities and local governments which will severely hamper police and fire protection and decimate local road programs.


  • Reduce money for efficient community care for seniors, forcing many seniors out of their homes and into more expensive care at nursing homes.


  • Roll back eligibility levels for the Aid to the Aged, Blind and Disabled program.


         "The budget plan currently in place is working. Schools, hospitals and small businesses are getting the money that was backlogged," Haine said.  "But, my opponent must realize it is totally unrealistic and hypocritical to be given a free pass from taking money from people who I believe are not looking out for the best interest of our families, communities and state and for him to be insulted when I point it out."


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