RIVERBEND - GRID Solar LLC is different from other solar companies.

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GRID Solar LLC technicians take the time to talk to their customers about how solar works and how it can work for them. The company understands there are a lot of questions about solar power and how it affects electricity bills, and they like to explain everything so that people can make the best decision for themselves.

“If you’re not trained in it, it sounds like a complicated process,” explained Jason, who specializes in solar installation. “But for us, we do it every day. This is what we live.”

Jason and Ryan explained that potential customers first reach out to them on their website or at vendor shows. The company looks at a customer’s electric bill to see what their usage needs are. This is how they can determine how many solar panels are needed to power a house. No two households have the same electricity usage.

“I’ve found the analogy that works the best on how we design the system is, how many kids are we inviting to the pizza party?” Ryan said. “Your power bill tells me how many kids we’re going to invite, and then that tells me how many pizzas I need to order. So that’s how we design the system.”

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GRID Solar LLC will talk with customers about their preferences and whether they’d rather mount the panels on their roofs or the ground. These decisions can be impacted by how the sun and shade hit your property, the square footage of your roof and several other factors. The company makes a point to talk through each question with their customers so they can make the best decisions for their homes.

They want to be straightforward that solar energy is not free, but it can save people money. Both Ryan and Jason are well-versed in the world of financing, and they’re happy to talk through your options with you. They want you to pay the lowest rate. Jason also points out that while solar panels can be a big expense upfront, your electricity bill isn’t affected by inflation or other rising costs in the future.

“Unfortunately, solar is not free. But it is cheaper than what most people pay, so we like to just take that honest approach and go that route,” Jason said. “[The savings are] exponential over time because as the cost of electricity goes up, whatever you purchased for your solar is already done. That’s not changing. Inflation doesn’t affect it anymore. Fuel costs don’t affect it anymore. That is frozen in time. And for your system, the products that we use are warrantied for 25 years in most cases. So you have a system for decades that is going to work under warranty and then work even longer.”

It’s an enticing deal for most people, though many customers still have questions. Ryan and Jason encourage people to reach out to a technician to find out more about how solar energy can work with their homes.

“We educate you on the impact of your choices,” Ryan said. “It’s not a sprint. It’s an educational approach. I always tell customers, before you sign anything with us, you’re going to be 100% confident that this is either the right decision for you.”

For more information, visit the official GRID Solar LLC website at GRIDSolarLLC.com or GRID LLC on Facebook.

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