GRANITE CITY - Granite City Police Officer Justin Valencia has been a member of the department’s team for about two years and is already receiving special public praise for going the extra mile for citizens.

Amber Kamacho made these comments about Officer Valencia’s efforts when she had a flat tire on the side of the highway on her way back from Missouri to obtain gas. Kamacho wanted some positive recognition for Officer Valencia and others in law enforcement for what they do every day to assist and keep the public safe.

“I used my insurance app to get roadside assistance, but they kept changing their time to get out there further and further out,” she said. “Officer Valencia stopped, put on his lights, helped my dad change the tire, and made sure we were safe doing so! We will definitely be making a trip to the police station with some snacks and thank yous, for sure."

Kamacho made another important point for motorists: "I would like to add that when you see someone broken down on the side of the road with their hazard lights on and a cop with flashing lights, that means to slow down and get over in the lane. So many people didn’t have any common courtesy for me in this difficult time.”

Officer Valencia graduated from the Southwestern Illinois Police Academy in 2019. He was Session 139’s class president.

The Granite City Police Department has said on its Facebook page they expect big things from Officer Valencia in the coming years.

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