GODFREY - The Godfrey Village Board of Trustees held a brief meeting on Tuesday night and passed several motions, agreeing to fund the installation of new street lighting in a Godfrey subdivision and along Godfrey Road, as well as a new marketing campaign for the Godfrey Business District.

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A motion for the consideration and approval of a promotional program for the Godfrey Business District was introduced to the board in two “phases,” or parts; the first would be a general campaign for the entire Business District, while the second part would be a “business co-op” which 10 businesses could join to get individualized marketing campaigns for their businesses.

Businesses who join would be required to remain part of the co-op for at least 6 months, and the cost for the Village to fund each “phase” of the campaign is $30,000 for a total cost of $60,000. Tools would be put in place to digitally measure the effectiveness of the program - if the program turns out to be effective, it can be renewed for another six months. The motion for this program, including both the general Business District and individualized campaigns, passed with none opposed.

A motion to use Business District funds for additional street lighting on Godfrey Road passed with Virginia Woulfe-Beile casting the only “no” vote. She suggested that during a time when energy costs are rising, the Village should avoid spending more money to light things up simply for “the sake of lighting it up.”

Godfrey Economic Development Director Jim Mager responded by saying that one particular intersection - Martin Luther King Drive leading into Godfrey Road - is both extremely dark and dangerous, and that it gives Godfrey a bad look as an entrance into the village.

“It’s extremely dark, and since that is somewhat of an entrance into Godfrey, it might be nice to have it lit up more visible, and I think it would make a better impression as you’re coming into the entrance of Godfrey,” he said. “That also is the most dangerous intersection in Godfrey - that’s where we have the most accidents and … a number of those accidents occured during non-daylight hours, so lighting up that that intersection may add to the safety of that particular area.”

A public comment was made by Michelle Hopper from the Glazebrook subdivision, who expressed concern over a fiberoptic cable company disrupting invisible dog fences in her neighborhood.

“I’ve been informed by a couple of my neighbors that their invisible dog fences have been cut and damaged, and the workers are not helping them communicate to their supervisors - they’re saying they don’t speak English, so these people are getting nowhere,” she said. “I’m concerned [about] when they get to my yard, because I also have an invisible dog fence, so I’m wondering, can I get the name of this company or can we have a discussion about that?”

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After some discussion, it was revealed the name of the company is Clearwave Fiber, and one of the meeting attendees agreed to give Hopper contact information for the company.

The Village Board also unanimously approved the funding and installation of a new subdivision light at the beginning of the Rosemont subdivision at Tolle and Greenleaf Avenue.

A motion for the consideration and approval to seek gas and diesel for 2023 fuel proposals for the Public Works and Parks Department passed with none opposed. A motion considering and approving Rexing Trucking as a snow removal backup was passed with none opposed, with Mayor Mike McCormick adding, “I hope we don’t spend one nickel with them this year.”

A motion for the repair of a 2009 Ford F-350 tipper truck from Roberts Ford of Alton in an amount not exceed $10,467.81 passed with none opposed. An invoice for Donaldson Destruction in the amount of 266,142.50 also passed with none opposed.

Consideration and approval for the Sundrop Court drainage improvement project in the amount of $17,825 passed with none opposed. A motion for the consideration and approval of a grading studies agreement with SMS for another drainage improvement project for 3615 West Delmar, in an amount not to exceed $6,650 also passed with none opposed.

A motion for the consideration and approval of a preliminary engineering and land acquisition service agreement with Juno & Associates for another drainage improvement project in an amount not to exceed $26,259.46 also passed with none opposed.

Consideration and approval of a raffle license waiver of fees and bonding requirements for the Alton Area Optimus Raffle on February 11, 2023, passed with none opposed.

The village board also approved the November 2022 Accounts Payable General Fund of $693,553.01, Motor Fuel Tax Fund of $202,759.74, and Street Department fund of $72,486.40 with none opposed.

For a full recording of Tuesday night’s meeting - and for live coverage of future meetings - visit the Riverbender.com Facebook page.

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