STAUNTON - Joe’s Electric, Inc. is a Solar and Electric installation company offering everything from new construction home wiring to electric vehicle charging for customers in the Metro East. Between the company’s reliability and the benefits associated with going solar, there are many reasons to make the switch sooner rather than later.

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Dawn Rae, business office manager for Joe’s Electric, said there are a few important reasons not to wait on going solar, the first of which is the Solar REC (renewable energy credits) program. Designed by Illinois Shines, this Adjustable Block Program allows you to get a percentage of your solar project reimbursed, with larger percentages available the earlier your project is accepted.

“The quicker that you can get on the waitlist and get your project in there, the better chance you’re going to get the higher rate of reimbursement,” Rae said. “If you are truly interested in solar installation, now is the time to get your application into the program waitlist to increase your chances of getting the best incentives available. The blocks that determine the percentage of reimbursement fill up fast!"

Residential, commercial, and agricultural customers are all eligible for the Solar REC program. If you’re wondering where to apply, Rae said Joe’s Electric will actually take care of the application process for you when you come to them with your solar project.

Rae said there is an additional fee associated with getting on the waitlist which is determined by the size of your project, that is the responsibility of the customer, but definitely worth getting your spot secured within the waitlist.

“We would take care of getting those applications completed and submitted - and not only the applications for the program itself, but also … with the utility companies,” Rae said.

In addition to the Solar REC program, there are a few incentives specific to certain industries a well. Rae said commercial businesses can write off a solar-powered system on their taxes as a deduction, and there are also solar grants available for eligible agricultural and commercial customers.

Federal tax credits right now are at 26%, Rae said. But starting in 2023, that percentage will go down to 22%, making 2022 the year to receive the most reimbursement for your solar project.

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“We try to push and say ‘don’t wait, do it now,’ because as we have seen since we’ve been installing … they’re just going to continue to lower through time,” Rae said. “So to our customers, we want to say, ‘If you want to get the most rebates and incentives available toward your project, now’s the time to do it.’”

In addition to rebates and tax credits, Rae said there are other, longer-term advantages to going solar.

“There’s a quick return on the investment. Basically, once you get everything up and running, you’re going to start seeing the difference in your bills and you’re going to start saving money. It increases the property value [and] creates reliable, clean energy,” Rae said. “This is an investment that, over the length of time, is going to pay you back.”

As opposed to giving out blanket estimates and trying to do the job quickly, Rae said Joe’s Electric prides itself on its customized service and attention to satisfying customer needs.

“We really strive to provide the most reliable service to meet all the needs of our customers, … we want to do what’s going to work for them the most effectively and efficiently,” Rae said. “We may take a little bit of extra time, but we’re going to do what we need to do to individualize their projects and try to give them the best service possible”

In addition to their Solar and Electric installation services, Rae said Joe’s Electric has been installing more at-home electric vehicle charging stations with the rise of electric vehicle purchases over the last few years. While they haven’t installed charging stations in parking lots for companies yet, Rae said that is something they look to offer in the future.

To learn more about Joe’s Electric or request a free site assessment or estimate, visit or call 618-637-2399.

Joe’s Electric, Inc.

9312 Schaefer Rd, Staunton, IL 62088


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