"Get Your Shine Back On with a Body Polish, Restoring Your Youthful Look!"

Welcome to the World of Splash!

As we are counting down the remaining days of Summer, let's "exfoliate" by rejuvenating our skin, with a "Body Scrub or a Body Polish!"

After all, this Summer, we've been covering our entire bodies with lotions, creams, layers of sunscreen, creating an extra layer, that needs to go, to let our skin breathe!

Benefits of Exfoliating:

- Deep Cleanses

- Gives a Youthful Glow

- Helps to Remove Skin Discoloration

- Removes Dead Cells

- Minimizes Wrinkles

- Minimizes Age Spots

- Helps to Heal the Skin

- Restores a noticeable Youthful Look!

Do we need to know more?


Products & Professional Services:

There are all types of commercial face & body scrubs.
But, choose with discretion, by carefully reading the labels for directions & the ingredients, to be safe!

Home Care: You could use Sea Salt or Brown Sugar, with Olive Oil as a natural Body Scrub, in the privacy of your home!

It tends to get messy, fair warning!

But, if you are game? "Go for it!"

Professional Services: There several places, to "exfoliate" to be sure!

For example, Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa, on Godfrey Road, offers a number of excellent Facials, full body scrubs & body polishes & waxing, which does clean the surface of the skin, also!


Medical Warning: As always, exercise extreme caution using anything or any product on the surface of your face & neck, anywhere on your skin; Test, well in advance, sensitive areas, i. e., inside of your wrists, for sensitivity,, if there is concern of an allergic reaction!

Avoid scratching the surface of your skin, to avoid infection!

Seek professional advice, if you have questions!


Your appearance can benefit by exfoliate & restoring your youthful look!

But, first! Do your own homework!

And, experience all the health benefits of exfoliating your skin!

"Shine on!"

Seize the Day!

Holly Fairfield

Sources: "Why Exfoliate Your Face?" by Sonya Daka, Registered Skin Clinic

Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa, Godfrey Road

- The Dr. Oz Show

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