Alton Museum of History & Art’s November 9, 2012 “Friday Night at the Museum” features David Crowley.   David Crowley, Presbyterian Minister, will present a program “The Abolitionists Elijah Lovejoy.”

Alton, in the nineteenth century, was an important town for abolitionists, as Illinois was a free state across from the slave state Missouri.  Slave catchers often raided the city, where escaped slaves would cross the Mississippi River to seek shelter.  Slaves moved through the Underground Railroad stations; several homes equipped with tunnels and hiding places.  Pro-slavery activists lived in Alton as well.

Reverend Elijah P. Lovejoy was murdered by a pro-slavery mob on November 7, 1837 as he tried to protect his Alton based press.  He had printed many abolitionists’ tracts and distributed them throughout the area.   Lovejoy became the first martyr of the abolition movement. 

Congressional representatives came to Alton when they drafted the Thirteenth Amendment of the Constitution, to end slavery throughout the Union.

“Friday Nights at the Museum” has proved to be a very popular meeting place for history and art fans.  Everyone has a good time and enjoys the refreshments.  There is a charge of $5.00 for ADULTS and $1.00 for CHILDREN under 12.  Admittance is free with membership.  For information call 462-2763.

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