Kate Mullaney Fisher's family and friends are uniting to raise money to assist with her battle against colon cancer.

Kate is a devoted 38 year old single mother of two young children, who are 5 & 9 years old.   

In February of 2012, just short of her daughter’s second birthday, Kate was given the devastating news that she had cancer. And not just any kind; Kate was diagnosed with advanced, Stage IV Colon Cancer. At the time of diagnoses, the disease had spread far past a tumor in her intestines and into the lymph nodes throughout her body. She endured an immediate surgery to remove the tumor plus 18 in of her intestines and subsequently multiple rounds of chemotherapy. She just remembers feeling terrified- for herself and for her children.

After 10 rounds of treatments, her cancer was considered in remission and she was able to go about her normal life. And that life was good; there was much to celebrate! The long months of worry made everything seem so much sweeter. By that time, she’d just been let go from her job, so Kate and her family moved back to the Alton area from Tennessee in December of 2012. Kate wanted to be closer to family and to start anew. She was given a new lease on life and wanted to spend it with family.  Sadly, the joy was short-lived.

During a routine follow up scan just one month later, in January of 2013, doctor’s discovered that the cancer was back. Again she began chemotherapy and eventually targeted radiation to try and shrink the tumors now growing in the lymph nodes of her neck.

Throughout the tiresome and painful process, Kate has never wavered in her loving support for her children. Even during these trying times, she’s a bright, shining light to be around. Kate is always ready with a quick joke and a contagious laugh. Her focus has always been beating the cancer against the long odds she was up against, and her outlook has been unendingly positive. She continues to be an inspiration to all who know her.  

It is our hope that this GoFundMe campaign will help relieve some of the financial burden faced by Kate and her children. During months of treatments, hospitalizations, and the seemingly never-ending oncologist appointments are the realities of raising a family. Expenses such as child care, groceries, and the needs of growing kids added to the additional difficulty of being unable to work with regularity plus all the normal stress of single parenthood. It adds up to an enormous burden that WE, as the loving community surrounding this incredibly strong woman, can help to lift.

Please show your support for Kate and her children if you can. We’re often asked “How can I help?” and right now, this is a terrific way to make a huge impact on Kate’s life. Every small donation adds up to peace of mind and relief from worrying!




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