This Friday, January 28th at the La Salle Street Cafe, there will be an Elsah Arts Night featuring the work of Eric Gray, Stanley Hanold, and Robert Nazerine. Nazerine will also be reading some of his poetry and there will be music from dj, Kenji Yoshinobu. The event is free and will be at 20 La Salle Street at the La Salle Street Cafe and will run from 7 until 11 pm.

From Frederick Oaks Sylvester to Bernard Maybeck, Elsah has a long history of attracting and nurturing artists and creative types. Today is no different. The assistant concert master of the St. Louis Symphony, violinist, Erin Schreiber, grew up there and her parents still reside there. Sun Smith-Foret, a nationally recognized textile artist, calls Elsah home as do the potters of Crocker and Springer. Now, there is also a burgeoning arts scene.

The recent arrival of the Daniel Fishback Gallery has brought an art venue to the downtown. In addition, there is an enclave of several other noteworthy artists doing engaging work. Eric Gray is a young up-and-coming artist who has shown on both coasts and throughout the St. Louis area. His work is quietly powerful and worthy of a trip to Elsah to visit his studio ( There is Stanley Hanold who makes paintings reminiscent of a male Georgia O'Keefe. His subject matter of guns, eagles, and females make it popular and accessible.

Robert Nazerine is a nationally published poet. His critically acclaimed book, Church, can be found on However, what is exciting now is that he is creating artwork to go along with his poems. His work is not painting, nor is it sculpture, but it resides somewhere inbetween. The doors that his work is created on makes his art reminiscent of Rauschenburg's combines, but with heightened social commentary.

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