EDWARDSVILLE – With all votes in from yesterday's mid-terms, a few things are becoming clear.

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Firstly, Madison County truly came out in force to vote. Madison County Clerk Debbie Ming-Mendoza said early voting rates were up 50 percent from the 2014 mid-terms, and voting results across the county show upwards of 100,000 votes were cast from across the county on a diverse lot of issues and candidates. Secondly, female candidates in Madison County seem to be the victors. County Clerk Candidate, Republican Steve Adler, said this year was the year of the female voter and candidate in Madison County, adding male Republicans still seemed to beat male Democrats in the same races. He seems to be right on most counts – as Madison County voters seemed to have painted their ballots purple.


In statewide elections, Madison County chose incumbent Republican Governor Bruce Rauner over Democratic victor J.B. Pritzker to the tune of 47,975 to 45,994. Libertarian Grayson Kash Jackson received 2,534 votes and Conservative Sam McCann received 6,227 votes in Madison County.

Following with the choice of Republicans in state offices, Madison County backed losing candidate for attorney general, Erika Harold by a wide margin over Democrat Kwame Raoul with 55,623 to 43,787. Libertarian Bubba Harsy received 3,392 votes.

With Secretary of State Jesse White, however, Madison County voted with the state. White, a native of Alton, won Madison County 55,900 to Republican Jason Helland's 44,405 votes. Libertarian candidate Steve Dutner, who vowed to privatize the DMV in the state received 2,989 votes in Madison County.

Madison County also backed Democrat Susana Mendoza for the position of state comptroller with 50,263 votes to Republican Darlene Senger's 49,216. Libertarian candidate Claire Ball received 3,722 votes.

Illinois Treasurer Michael Frerichs won a second term in the state, despite Republican candidate Jim Dodge receiving more votes in Madison County. Dodge received 51,433 votes to Frerichs's 45,251. Libertarian Michael Leheney received 4,155 votes in Illinois – the highest amount for a Libertarian in a state election in the county.


Republican Congressional Representative Mike Bost received a second term in office, despite Madison County voters choosing his Democratic opponent Brenden Kelly 18,674 to 16,204. Green candidate Randy Auxier received 1,554 votes in Madison County.

Republican Rodney Davis also beat back the blue wave taking the United States House of Representatives by narrowly beating Democratic opponent Betsy Dirksen Londrigan. He won Madison County 23,061 to 20,535.

Representative John Shimkus also beat back the predicted blue wave by holding on to his seat by a wide margin. The Republican defeated opponent Kevin Gaither handily district-wide as well as in Madison County where he received 15,543 to 7,956.


Madison County chose Democratic State Senator Andy Manar's Republican opponent, Seth McMillian 2,007 to 1,744. Republican Jason Plummer also bested Democratic opponent Brian Stout 13,135 to 6,765.

For the state senate seat vacated by the retiring Democrat Bill Haine, Democrat Rachelle Aud Crowe took the election from Edwardsville Mayor Hal Patton, who ran under the flag of Downstate United, despite being funded by Republicans. She won handily with 40,567 votes to 29,467.

Democrat Christopher Belt also beat Republican Tanya Hildenbrand in Madison County with 2,498 to 960, but a lot of that district lies within St. Clair County.

Representative Avery Bourne took Madison County from her Democratic opponent Dillon Clark 2,396 to 1,337, but a lot of their district is within the borders of Macoupin County.

After being appointed to fill the seat of retiring State Representative Dan Beiser, Monica Bristow, a Democrat, claimed victory over Republican Mike Babcock, 18,583 to 18,215 in Madison County, despite some of their district overlapping into Jersey County. Bristow claimed this victory Tuesday night.

In a heated rematch, Democrat Katie Stuart held onto her seat against former representative, Republican Dwight Kay, 20,456 to 16,585.

Democrat Jay Hoffman also received more votes in Madison County against Republican candidate Doug Jameson by a margin of 2,600 to 860.


Another heated rematch between Republican Steve Adler and Democrat Debbie Ming-Mendoza resulted in victory for incumbent Ming-Mendoza with 54,606 to 48,154. Adler said this was due to a result of women candidates being supported by an upsurged in female voters.

Republican Chris Slusser held onto his seat as Madison County Treasurer against Democrat Chris Miller. Slusser said he had to earn each of his 54,672 votes compared to Miller's 45,579, adding he hopes Miller continues to do good work in the county.

Slusser also said Madison County chose its first Republican Regional Superintendent of Schools, selecting Robert W. Werden over Democrat candidate Andrew Reinking 51,517 votes to 47,563. That seat was vacated by Dr. Robert Daiber who sought candidacy as a Demcrat for Illinois Governor.

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Several county board races were contested across the county. Here is a round-up of those:

  • District Five: Mick Madison-R, 2,718, Jessica Ellison Thomas-D, 1,908

  • District Six: Raymond E. Wesley-R, 2,229, David Hudson-D, 1,489

  • District 10: Bruce Malone-D, 1,697, Tim Smith-R, 944, Joshua Young-G, 225

  • District 11: Dalton Gray-R, 2,601, Frederick G. Faust-D, 1,501

  • District 13: Matthew King-D, 1,657, James D. Futrell-R, 1,591

  • District 14: Tom McRae-R, 2,065, Timothy Tweedy-D, 1,447

  • District 15: Chrissy Dutton-R, 1,506, Michael Sabolo Jr.-D, 1,456

  • District 16: Chris Hankins-D, 1,541, Susan Presswood-I, 1,005

  • District 21: John Eric Foster-R, 1,592, Arthur Asadorian-D, 1,402

  • District 25: Chris Guy-R, 2,615, Michael Bartsch-D, 2,074

  • District 27: Clint Jones-R, 2,208, M. Joe Semanisin-D, 1,833

  • District 28: Elizabeth Dalton-D, 1,757, Nancy Moss-R, 1,388.


Republican David K. Overstreet won the position of Judge of the Appellate Court of the Fifth Judicial District over Democratic opponent Kevin T. Hoerner 52,602 to 47,999.

Democrat Sarah Smith defeated Mark D. Rabe by 56,130 vote to 45,322 for the position of Third Judicial Circuit Judge. Third Judicial Court in Madison County was won by Republican David Dugan with 52,761 votes to 48,005 votes for Democrat Mark Parker.

Judges Hylla and Napp were retained by vote through wide margins with 68,837 for and 21,770 against and 69,360 for and 21,252 against, respectively.


As many as 63,548 people chose to merge the position of recorder with the county clerk – something for which Adler campaigned, 34,243 voted against it.

For the county being a “Second Amendment Sanctuary,” 67,351 voted for it and 33,160 voted against it.

Perhaps the largest tide was in favor of requiring advisory referenda for bonds, with 91,473 voting in favor and only 8,341 voting against it.

Most of Fosterburg residents voted in favor of water trustees, with 2,823 for it and only 449 against it.

In a tale of two townships, Alton residents voted to keep their township with 4,733 in favor of keeping it and 3,586 against. This was inverse in Godfrey with 4,947 voting to dissolve their township, and only 2,946 voting to keep it.

Collinsville residents voted for the dissolution of the area recreational district, 10,571 to 2,624.

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