CARLINVILLE – With more than 18,000 voters, Macoupin County voters followed the trends of a lot of their neighboring counties during this year's contentious mid-term elections.

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Voters in Macoupin County, like those in Calhoun, Greene, Jersey and even Madison, chose to retain Republican incumbent Bruce Rauner for the Governor of Illinois, despite him ultimately losing to Democrat J.B. Pritzker. Rauner received 43.42 percent and Pritzker received 35.62 percent in Macoupin County. Conservative candidate Sam McCann garnered 19.19 percent of the vote and Libertarian Grayson Kash Jackson got 1.63 percent.

That red wave continued in Macoupin voters' choice of losing Republican Erika Harold for Illinois Attorney General. While she lost overall in the state, she received 60.71 percent of votes in Macoupin, compared to Raoul's 35.93 percent and Libertarian Bubba Harsy with 3.36 percent.

Like Madison, Greene and Calhoun Counties, Macoupin voters chose to continue Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White's term. White, an Alton native, won the state overall, and won Macoupin County 54.18 percent to 43.08 percent. Libertarian Steve Dutner, who vowed to privatize the DMV, received 2.74 percent of the vote.

The position of Illinois Comptroller was awarded to Democrat Susana Mendoza overall Tuesday night, but in Macoupin County, she received only 43.37 percent of the vote compared to Republican Darlene Senger's 53.18 percent and Libertarian Claire Ball's 3.46 percent.

Trending toward backing losing Republicans for state office continued in Macoupin County in their votes for the treasurer's office. Democrat Michael Frerichs, who retained his seat, received 41.47 percent of the vote in Macoupin County, while Republican Jim Dodge received 54.89 percent. Libertarian Michael Leheney got only 3.64 percent of the vote.


Like most of the United States 13th Congressional District, Macoupin County voters chose Republican incumbent Rodney Davis over Democrat Betsy Londrigan with 60.88 percent of the vote to 38.99 percent. Twenty-three voters wrote in a candidate in that section.

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While Democrat Andy Manar lost to Seth McMillian in Madison County, Macoupin voters chose him to retain his seat as a senator in the Illinois General Assembly with 56.97 percent compared to 43.03 percent.

Representative Avery Bourne, a Republican, won both Madison and Macoupin Counties Tuesday night. In Macoupin, she received 58.52 percent of the vote compared to her Democrat opponent, Dillon Clark, who received 41.38 percent of the votes. Only 15 people decided to write in a candidate.


  • District One (pick two): Roberta “Sissy” Vojas-D, 36.46 percent, Michael Tranter-D, 32.40 percent, Christopher Cozad-R, 31.14 percent

  • District Three (pick two): Frank S. Long-R, 33.44percent, Kristi Dunnagan-R, 28.93 percent, Stephen Reed-D, 19.05 percent, Ruth White-D, 18.57 percent

  • District Four (pick two): Mark G. Dragovich-D, 45.88 percent, David P. Thomas-D, 27.28 percent, Christopher Hicks-R, 26.85 percent.

  • District Five: Larry Schmidt-R, 54.77 percent, Cathy Petrak-D, 45.23 percent.

All judges up for retention were retained by a margin of at least 75 percent


Macoupin voters agreed with Madison County voters regarding the creation of trustees for the Fosterburg water district, with 89.41 percent in favor and 10.59 percent against.

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