EAST ALTON - The East Alton City Council honored police officer Sgt. Michael McCormick and school nurse Miranda Sellars for their efforts in saving the life of Tracy Hard after they performed CPR when Hard had a medical emergency.

East Alton Fire Department, Wood River Fire Department and Alton Memorial Ambulance also assisted in her rescue, East Alton Fire Chief Tim Quigley said.

"They kept her going with their quick thinking and quick reaction," Quigley added. "They kept her alive to be with her family for her final days."

The police officer and school nurse jumped right in after she had her emergency and didn't panic until EMS and other personnel arrived.

"The officer was off duty picking up kids when it happened," Quigley said. "It shows how much both of their training paid off."

Tracy Hard died February 18, 2021, after a courageous fight. She was 46 years old.

Her family said since she was pulled off of life support on the Sunday of the week she died and held on until Monday, her liver and kidneys couldn't be used as transplants. However, she was able to donate her corneas, heart valves, and tissue. Her family said Tracy went out her own way and fought until after her husband's birthday to die.

Hard, a mother of two, had the medical emergency at the East Alton Elementary School while picking up her nine-year-old daughter and her six-year-old son. The family wanted to give credit to the school nurse, East Alton Police Department, especially Sergeant Mike McCormick, East Alton Fire Department, and Wood River Fire Department and Alton Memorial Ambulance. The family said that if they had not started CPR when they did, she wouldn’t have made it and wouldn't have been able to be surrounded by family in her final days.

The family had this quote to sum up Tracy Hard: "She brings life and love to other people, the giver in life and giver in death."

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