ALTON - A deferred prosecution agreement has been negotiated between the Madison County State’s Attorney’s Office and Kyle P. Swanson, 31, the previous leader of KTS Predator Hunters. Swanson was previously charged with counts of unlawful restraint, obstruction of justice, and assault.

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Swanson, who was the operator of a local Facebook page/website with a goal of exposing sexual predators, ceased operations in June 2021.

The statement of understanding read as follows:

The defendant Kyle P. Swanson, 31, since he was charged, has relocated to Fort Worth, Texas. Don W. Weber, Swanson’s attorney, has provided the people of the State of Illinois with evidence of mitigating factors regarding the defendant’s life and circumstances, particularly the defendant’s honorable service in the military. The statement of understanding said due to the pendency of these charges, the defendant’s ability to obtain employment may be negatively impacted. Also, the statement read:

“That it is in the best interest of the People of the State Of Illinois and the citizens of Madison County that Kyle Swanson obtain employment and lead a law-abiding life from this day forward.

"The statement of understanding is an agreement of all parties that the Swanson case will be dismissed, but the right is reserved to reinstate the case should certain terms and conditions not be met."

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The terms are:

Mr. Swanson agrees to not violate any criminal statutes of any jurisdictions within the United States.

Mr. Swanson agrees to cease his “sting” operations in Madison County, IL., whether as an individual, as “KTS,” or as a member of a similar organization.

Mr. Swanson agrees to cooperate with any investigations or pending criminal cases concerning his “sting” operations in Madison County, including providing all digital evidence if requested.

Mr. Swanson agrees to provide proof of medical/mental health treatment for self-disclosed Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder by May 6, 2022.

Mr. Swanson agrees to participate in 20 hours of community service and provide proof of said compliance by May 6, 2022.

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