Our first recorded Decoration Day, to honor who died during the Civil War, was documented as being held in the Spring of 1868, 3 years after the last shot was fired.

Memorial Day became an official national holiday in 1981 to honor all who died during war times.

Historically, it is recorded that "Decoration Day" began exclusively to "decorate" the graves of the soldiers who perished during the Civil War years, April of 1861 to 1865.

Once the holiday was established & recognized, families brought flowers, draped flags over tombstones, grave markers, or shared a meal, honoring loved ones who were killed during those difficult years.

Known as Decoration Day in 1868, it became part of the healing process for the entire nation over the decades.


The "last shot fired of our Civil War" is recorded as taking place on June 25, 1865.

Presently, the last Monday of May is officially reserved as Memorial Day; It's a national holiday! It's celebrated as more than a single day - rather, the entire weekend - with family gatherings, barbecuing, pool openings, and sales, along with paying our respects to those who have died serving this country!

Cemeteries are decorated with flags; it's a sight to behold!!

We come together, this day as a proud nation, honoring all who died during war times!

Let's all pause together in remembrance & respect!

Happy Memorial Day!

Holly Fairfield


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