Don WeberDon Weber is a New York Times Bestselling Author. The NYT Bestsellers were "Precious Victims" about the Paula Sims baby murder case and "Silent Witness" about the Karla Brown murder investigation and trial. He also wrote "Secret Lessons" a book about the "ME Too!" Movement's beginning in the early 1980s.

Did you hear that Hollywood is making a new movie? It’s called “Nightmare on Main Street.” It stars Joe Biden, Mike Madigan and Bob Daiber.

Biden, Madigan and Daiber agree on everything. They support higher taxes on the Middle Class, taxpayer funded abortion into the Third Trimester and open borders with food stamps, “free” healthcare and schooling for anyone who happens to cross our border illegally.

Biden’s son, with no experience in anything except graft, has taken millions of dollars from the Chinese Communists, in exchange for shipping thousands of U.S. factories and millions of U.S. jobs to China. Biden’s chosen pick for VP’s husband works for a corporation that is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Chinese Communist Party. If Biden is elected, we might as well ship Main Street to Peking.

Daiber’s $103,074.64 yearly pension comes from the Teacher’s Retirement System, one of many state pension funds that Mike Madigan and the Chicago Democrats have bankrupted by stealing hundreds of millions of dollars to fund their various corrupt Illinois boondoggles. Daiber has even proposed to tax Senior’s retirement income to replenish the pension money that the Democrats have wasted.

In 2018 Daiber asked Madigan’s blessing to run for governor. In the 2018 Primary, Daiber was overwhelmingly rejected for governor- even by Madison County Democrats. But Daiber describes Mike Madigan as a “Nice Guy.”

Daiber’s proposal about county salaries is a laughable sham. With his $103,000 pension, taxpayers would be paying Daiber over $200,000 a year — to raise taxes and look the other way at corruption. I propose the County Board pass a Resolution requiring elected Public Officials to REBATE their state pensions instead of double-dipping at the taxpayers’ expense.

Daiber also told the Madison County public employee unions that the first thing he will do is abolish Kurt Prenzler’s public employee time clock, so working for the county will be “fun” again. Daiber wants to let county employees come and go as they please, contrary to private industry’s employment practices. Fun for them; not so much fun for us taxpayers. I propose the County Board codify the Prenzler time clock as countywide policy.

If Biden wins, the USA will become a second-rate power controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. If you liked the China Plague, you will love pulling China’s economic rickshaw.

If Daiber wins, taxes, especially on Seniors, will skyrocket and the public employee unions will control the county- the fox guarding the chicken coup.

A different version of America will happen if Trump and Prenzler are re-elected. No new taxes, no obeisance to the Chinese Communists - and no riots in the streets. Main street will be safe for another 4 years. By re-electing Trump and Prenzler “A Nightmare on Main Street” will turn into a better movie - “Miracle on Main Street.”

Don Weber

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