(March 23, 2010) - Coffee Party USA, an American grassroots movement aiming to
reinvigorate the democratic process with civility, inclusiveness, and civic
engagement, is announcing the next step in its campaign. Following up its
National Coffee Party Kick-off held on Saturday, March 13th, in more than
350 coffee shops in 44 states, Coffee Party USA is expecting an even larger
turnout for its National Coffee Summit, on March 27th and 28th.

"We are inviting Americans across all political spectrums to speak up and be
part of the Coffee Summit," says Coffee Party USA Spokesperson, Alan Alborn.
Coffee Party USA is encouraging communities to meet again at coffee houses,
homes and other venues to have civil conversations about the issues that
matter to them. This time though, the communities will be planning as well.
They'll be planning coffee with Congress.

Coffee with Congress will take place during the upcoming Congressional
recess, March 29th through April 9th, when elected officials return to their
districts. Local chapter members will schedule meetings with their Senators
and Representatives, and present for the first time their consensus on the
issues. Coffee will be served, of course.

About Coffee Party USA

Coffee Party USA is a grassroots volunteer organization that held more than
350 meetings across the United States on March 13, 2010 as part of its
National Kick-off Day. The movement began on January 26 when Annabel Park
of Montgomery County, MD posted a series of Facebook status updates that
included, "Let's start a coffee party." This led to a Facebook fan page
that quickly grew to more than 150,000 members and a website that allows
people across the country to organize local Coffee Party chapters.
Concerned about extreme political tactics and partisan bickering that has
caused paralysis in the federal government, Coffee Party volunteers
represent a wide political and cultural spectrum. Among their chief aims is
to restore civility and fact-based deliberation to the democratic process.
During the April Congressional recess, Coffee Party USA will be organizing
Coffee with Congress, inviting elected officials to sit down their
constituents to discuss the choices and challenges facing America today.

Website:  www.coffeepartyusa.com

Twitter:  @coffeepartyusa

Facebook:  www.Facebook.com/CoffeeParty

YouTube:  www.youtube.com/coffeepartyusa

Flickr: www.flickr.com/coffeepartyusa

The Coffee Party of the Riverbend area feels it is important to communicate
to our elected Representatives and fellow citizens the need for a civil
discourse on the issues that affect all of us so that we can get past the
partisan gridlock and conflict which is damaging the American political


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