BETHALTO - Civic Memorial High School has announced its list of students who were named to the fourth quarter honor roll list.

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Congratulations to all of the students on this accomplishment!

Student Name Grade Level Level

Beyers, Jordan Taylar 12 High Honors

Cain, Ethan David 12 High Honors

Carnes, Kennedy Morgan 12 High Honors

Carpenter, Brandon Michael 12 High Honors

Courtoise, Lindsey Ann 12 High Honors

Davis, Abigail Elizabeth 12 High Honors

Dixon, Haley Marie 12 High Honors

Ellis, Elijah Dane 12 High Honors

Geist, Kade Lee 12 High Honors

Griggs, Mallory Rene 12 High Honors

Hampton, Brandon Norris 12 High Honors

Helmkamp, Jaxsen James 12 High Honors

Hurst, Samuel Christopher 12 High Honors

Kappler, Kaitlyn Nicole 12 High Honors

Keller, Zachary Jason Robert 12 High Honors

Lane, David Ryan 12 High Honors

Lewis, Gwen Norma 12 High Honors

Lotz, Michael Thomas 12 High Honors

Mann, Samantha Marie 12 High Honors

Marshall, Sydney Ann 12 High Honors

Melton, Cara LeighAnn 12 High Honors

Mueller, Liliana Shalae 12 High Honors

Munoz, Guadalupe 12 High Honors

Myers, Dalton Dewane 12 High Honors

Myers, Jesse Marie 12 High Honors

Ochs, Annika Kay 12 High Honors

Panyik, Trevor Alan 12 High Honors

Parmentier, Jenna Marie 12 High Honors

Perry, Boston Charles 12 High Honors

Pesnell, David Michael 12 High Honors

Rogers, Cassidy Rene 12 High Honors

Schaaf, McKenzie Marie 12 High Honors

Schillinger, Jordyn Elizabeth 12 High Honors

Short, Dylan Reece 12 High Honors

Smith, Samantha Noelle 12 High Honors

Stilwell, Rachel Kaye 12 High Honors

Stockton, Danielle Nicole 12 High Honors

Styffe, Tori Lynn 12 High Honors

Summers, Sierra RayLynn Dianna 12 High Honors

Thomas, Elizabeth Ann 12 High Honors

Thoroughman, Kylee Michelle 12 High Honors

Traub, Brayden Nathanial 12 High Honors

Troeckler, Alexandrea Grace 12 High Honors

Unterbrink, Jacob Allen 12 High Honors

Williams, Zachary Alan 12 High Honors

Wooden, Nicole Mayme 12 High Honors

Yeager, Emmah Elaine 12 High Honors

Baker, Monica Marie 11 High Honors

Beck, Richard Charles 11 High Honors

Beckham, Morgan Marie 11 High Honors

Bloodworth, Emily Grace 11 High Honors

Bond, Emily Paige 11 High Honors

Brown, Madison Ray 11 High Honors

Buchanan, Susan Elizabeth 11 High Honors

Butler, Morgan Ashley 11 High Honors

Callies, Cohl William 11 High Honors

Calvin, Parker Lee 11 High Honors

Cathorall, Zachary Austin 11 High Honors

Clark, Caden Lee 11 High Honors

Denney, Kaleb Micca 11 High Honors

Denney, Kameron Shelton 11 High Honors

Diamond, Hannah Alysse 11 High Honors

Dixon, Michael Owen 11 High Honors

Dodson, Alexis Lauryn 11 High Honors

Durbin, Jennifer Mae 11 High Honors

Durbin, Katelyn Anne 11 High Honors

Eaton, Haley Jannae 11 High Honors

Engelmeyer, Alexandra Elyse 11 High Honors

Englert, Daniel Martin 11 High Honors

Enke, Alexis Christine 11 High Honors

Flack, Adam Mark 11 High Honors

Fromme, Jacob James 11 High Honors

Gould, Natalie Rose 11 High Honors

Hall, Cassie Leigh 11 High Honors

Hamann, Zachary Scott 11 High Honors

Henson, Angelle Nicole 11 High Honors

Hogue, Serena Noel 11 High Honors

Huang, Alexander James 11 High Honors

Huhsman, Jacob Matthew 11 High Honors

Hyden, Tristen Dayne 11 High Honors

Jakich, Breann Elizabeth 11 High Honors

Kallal, Alexander James 11 High Honors

King, Skylar Nikole 11 High Honors

Lewis, Abby Jean 11 High Honors

Little, Kerri Renee 11 High Honors

Little, Paige Christine 11 High Honors

Little, Peyton Lynn 11 High Honors

Masiero, Rhece Marie 11 High Honors

McCune, Maxwell Carson 11 High Honors

Morgan, Jarret Anthony 11 High Honors

Motzer, Shawn Michael 11 High Honors

Myers, Megan Marie 11 High Honors

Nolte, Sierra Mae 11 High Honors

Pierce, Brayden Garrett 11 High Honors

Radcliff, Paul Quinlan 11 High Honors

Ramirez, Gabrielle Ann 11 High Honors

Reed, Cassandra Lauren 11 High Honors

Roberts, Isabella Lynn 11 High Honors

Scheffel, Samantha Lynn 11 High Honors

Schmidt, Hannah Elizabeth 11 High Honors

Scott, Anna Marie 11 High Honors

Seidler, Lauren Elizabeth 11 High Honors

Smock, Reghan Mae 11 High Honors

Sontag, Hayden Thomas 11 High Honors

Stevenson, Michael Matthew 11 High Honors

Stover, Crista Nicole 11 High Honors

Turner, Kassandera Lyn 11 High Honors

Tyus, Alaira Nicole 11 High Honors

Waters, Matthew Joseph 11 High Honors

Wesolowski, Kyle Adam 11 High Honors

Wethington, Elizaveta Anastasia 11 High Honors

Whitworth, Joseph Scott 11 High Honors

Wiggenhorn, Jonah Thomas 11 High Honors

Wilson, Morgan Nicole 11 High Honors

Winter, Alexander James 11 High Honors

Zyung, Kylee Beth 11 High Honors

Ayers, Chandler Hope 10 High Honors

Blagoue, Sophia Rose 10 High Honors

Camerer, Natalie Rose 10 High Honors

Cato, Mackenzie Ann 10 High Honors

Dahlen, Bristol AnnMae 10 High Honors

Davis, William Blake 10 High Honors

Dougherty, Mia Grace 10 High Honors

Emerick, Ashlyn Elise 10 High Honors

Frey, Andrew Thomas 10 High Honors

Georgeoff, Brayden Cole 10 High Honors

Goddard, Elise Theresa 10 High Honors

Gray, Cameron Taylor 10 High Honors

Griffith, Erin Morgan 10 High Honors

Hannaford, Ethan Cole 10 High Honors

Heflin, Kyleigh Jo 10 High Honors

Hornsey, Alex Lee 10 High Honors

Hyman, Colton Jett 10 High Honors

Jackson, Cort Evan 10 High Honors

Keller, Hailey Nicole 10 High Honors

Klaustermeier, Kaylee Marie 10 High Honors

Lair, Caleb Steven 10 High Honors

Meiser, Madyson Nicole 10 High Honors

Neal, Nicholas Steven 10 High Honors

Parks, Dara Rose Marie 10 High Honors

Pierce, Ryan Marie 10 High Honors

Pipkin, Emily Margaret 10 High Honors

Robinson, Jenna Marie 10 High Honors

Rothe, Savannah Rose 10 High Honors

Sasek, Clark Edward 10 High Honors

Saviers, Domonique Renee 10 High Honors

Schaaf, Madison Nicole 10 High Honors

Shirley, Brayden Christopher 10 High Honors

Spahr, Erin Jessica 10 High Honors

Stacks, Allison Grace 10 High Honors

Terry, Seth Alan 10 High Honors

Vaughn, Zachary Michael 10 High Honors

Watson, Maisey Leigh 10 High Honors

Wells, Zachary Austin 10 High Honors

Westerhold, Emily Bernice 10 High Honors

Williams, Jacob Andrew 10 High Honors

Wrenn, Kaitlynn Marie 10 High Honors

Barber, Sara Nichole 9 High Honors

Bedwell, Shelby Lynn 9 High Honors

Bell, Melanie Marie 9 High Honors

Boverie, Alexis Leigh 9 High Honors

Braun, Grace Elaine 9 High Honors

Butler, Mackenzie Jan 9 High Honors

Cameron, Cassie Jane 9 High Honors

Christeson, Jenna Marie 9 High Honors

Collman, Kya Megan 9 High Honors

Compton, Allison Danielle 9 High Honors

Cooper, Wyatt Michael 9 High Honors

Copeland, Samuel Connor 9 High Honors

Dankenbring, Dannielle Alexis 9 High Honors

Devino, Jaden Ann 9 High Honors

Ehlers, Carmen Danielle 9 High Honors

Ehlers, Madelyn Kate 9 High Honors

Elledge, Sarah Ann 9 High Honors

Emshousen, Madison Ann 9 High Honors

Ewing, Zoey Ann 9 High Honors

Fitzgerald, Emily Elizabeth 9 High Honors

Flaherty, Brennan John 9 High Honors

Gaston, Shea Elaine 9 High Honors

Geiger, Taryn Elizabeth 9 High Honors

Griffith, Kate Elizabeth 9 High Honors

Hall, Anna Kathryn 9 High Honors

Hannaford, Malynn Elizabeth 9 High Honors

Harlan, Hana Demetra 9 High Honors

Harrison, Rylee Lynne 9 High Honors

Henke, Sydney Grace 9 High Honors

Hilligoss, Travis Joel 9 High Honors

Kirby, Mary Jae 9 High Honors

Lair, Benjamin Michael 9 High Honors

Lane, Grant Charles 9 High Honors

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Linkeman, Keaton William 9 High Honors

Liu, Winny 9 High Honors

Pearson, Mary Ellen 9 High Honors

Poulsen, Samuel Michael 9 High Honors

Price, Savannah Elizabeth 9 High Honors

Qiu, Shelly 9 High Honors

Robinson, Aaliyah Marie 9 High Honors

Seeley, Kimberley Marie 9 High Honors

Singleton, Toby Wayne 9 High Honors

Smith, Stella Rose 9 High Honors

Stuart, Sydney Rayne 9 High Honors

Tincher, Zachary David 9 High Honors

Walker, Annaston Elynn 9 High Honors

Walker, Drake Alexander 9 High Honors

Walker, Nicholas Samuel 9 High Honors

Wells, Kati Mychelle 9 High Honors

Witsken, Gavin Chase 9 High Honors

Ball, Hanah Laine 12 Honor Roll

Barker, Bradley Jack 12 Honor Roll

Blackwell, Christine Marie 12 Honor Roll

Compton, Zachery David 12 Honor Roll

Copeland, Brandon Clay 12 Honor Roll

Davis, Logan Anthony Gene 12 Honor Roll

Deckard, Andrew Mark 12 Honor Roll

Deckard, Brandon Alan 12 Honor Roll

Deckard, Curtis Keith 12 Honor Roll

Fowler, Sydney Faye 12 Honor Roll

Giffin, Faith Jeanette 12 Honor Roll

Graham, Savannah Lorraine 12 Honor Roll

Griffin Sanders, Devin Lee 12 Honor Roll

Hutchins, Cole Thomas 12 Honor Roll

Kirby, Paige Elizabeth 12 Honor Roll

Kirkwood, Christopher Michael 12 Honor Roll

Koshinski, Whitley Michelle 12 Honor Roll

Lafferty, Rikki James 12 Honor Roll

Loew, Jason Thomas 12 Honor Roll

Loewen, Konnar Bradley 12 Honor Roll

Miller, Jordan Michael 12 Honor Roll

Newell, Nick Samuel 12 Honor Roll

Peal, Lydia Joy 12 Honor Roll

Perrine, Gage Michael 12 Honor Roll

Price, Corey David 12 Honor Roll

Raglin, Khristina Auzrielle 12 Honor Roll

Reynolds, Cassidy Eileen 12 Honor Roll

Slimick, Erika Nicole 12 Honor Roll

Smith, Brandon Dale 12 Honor Roll

Spanhook, Sterling Chase 12 Honor Roll

Spencer, William Robert 12 Honor Roll

Stewart, Dayton Shea 12 Honor Roll

Wade, Brendan Nash 12 Honor Roll

Wilson, Dylan Scott 12 Honor Roll

Allison, Ryan Danielle 11 Honor Roll

Beckham, Cori Lynn 11 Honor Roll

Buckley, Elizabeth JeanAnn 11 Honor Roll

Burnham, Jamie Nicole 11 Honor Roll

Burnham, Jordan Alexander 11 Honor Roll

Carnes, Kara Madison 11 Honor Roll

Carter, Ashlie Michele 11 Honor Roll

Cline, Andria Lynn 11 Honor Roll

Collman, Alexandra Josephine 11 Honor Roll

Cox, Cameron 11 Honor Roll

Cox, Sarah Beth 11 Honor Roll

Crockett, Madison Paige 11 Honor Roll

Golden, Isaac Robert 11 Honor Roll

Gorby, Isaac Justin 11 Honor Roll

Hearn, Zachary Wilson 11 Honor Roll

Hess, Megan Elizabeth 11 Honor Roll

Hocking, Christopher Michael 11 Honor Roll

Howard, Brent Michael 11 Honor Roll

Janssen, Ryan Kristopher 11 Honor Roll

Jones, William A 11 Honor Roll

Lee, Cameryn Lorene 11 Honor Roll

Magnuson, Destin Brynn 11 Honor Roll

McDaniel, Mekel Christine 11 Honor Roll

McGuire, Morgan Alyssa 11 Honor Roll

Moss, Nicolas Lee 11 Honor Roll

Oberheim, Courtney Madison 11 Honor Roll

Owens, Caitlyn Jo 11 Honor Roll

Peterson, Mykal Dylan 11 Honor Roll

Pfeifer, Tori Elizabeth 11 Honor Roll

Rizzuto, Tyler Jason 11 Honor Roll

Sanders, Jacob Bradley 11 Honor Roll

Seely, Tyler James 11 Honor Roll

Serafini, Jayden Joseph DeShawn 11 Honor Roll

Smith, Jacob Owen 11 Honor Roll

Stawar, Christian Michael 11 Honor Roll

Teepe, Lynnsea Nicole 11 Honor Roll

Toenyes, Cody Wayne 11 Honor Roll

Weathers, Macayla Rae 11 Honor Roll

Wethington, Michaela Anastasia 11 Honor Roll

Withers, Geoffrey Dylan 11 Honor Roll

Barker, Joel Dustin 10 Honor Roll

Borror, Lauren Ashley 10 Honor Roll

Borth, Parker Charles 10 Honor Roll

Brooks, Nickolas Justin 10 Honor Roll

Brown, Hudson Delmar 10 Honor Roll

Bunch, Elizabeth Claire 10 Honor Roll

Celik, Sema 10 Honor Roll

Cox, Devon Tyler 10 Honor Roll

Crane, Dylan Michael 10 Honor Roll

Daniels, Jenna Darlene 10 Honor Roll

Davis, Morgan Elizabeth 10 Honor Roll

Depping, Kaitlyn Suzanne 10 Honor Roll

Douglass, Ryan Michael 10 Honor Roll

Durbin, Katherine Paige 10 Honor Roll

Evans, Damion Sebastian 10 Honor Roll

Forrester, Nathaniel Thomas 10 Honor Roll

Frank, Bailey Regina 10 Honor Roll

Gilleland, Justin Douglas 10 Honor Roll

Gray, Daniel Clay 10 Honor Roll

Greenwood, Tayler Paige 10 Honor Roll

Hanneken, Aaron Lennon 10 Honor Roll

Harlan, Gabrielle Jainel 10 Honor Roll

Hatfield, Hunter Christopher 10 Honor Roll

Hausman, Drennon Wade 10 Honor Roll

Johnson, Josephine Marie 10 Honor Roll

Kharitonov, Bogdan 10 Honor Roll

King, Nicole Elizabeth 10 Honor Roll

Lawrence, RayAnn Leigh 10 Honor Roll

Lesemann, Clayton Andrew 10 Honor Roll

Lisenbee, Madison Jade 10 Honor Roll

Markins, Sara Rhiannon 10 Honor Roll

Mays, Jessica Yvonne 10 Honor Roll

McGarvey, Cameron James 10 Honor Roll

Morgan, Chase Alexander 10 Honor Roll

Morin, Emily Ann 10 Honor Roll

Mueller, Olivia Jimena 10 Honor Roll

Norvell, Kharissa Denise 10 Honor Roll

Phillips, Morgan Nicole 10 Honor Roll

Schillinger, Jacob Dean 10 Honor Roll

Shirley, Michaela Brianne 10 Honor Roll

Sidwell, Nathaniel Lawrence 10 Honor Roll

Simmons, Bethanie Elaine 10 Honor Roll

Snyders, Robert Allen 10 Honor Roll

Spanhook, Jayson Parker 10 Honor Roll

Stephenson, Drake Steiner 10 Honor Roll

Stewart, Mercedes Lynn 10 Honor Roll

Stieber, Ashley Anne 10 Honor Roll

Sumpter, Megan Marie 10 Honor Roll

Thompson, Bailey Faye 10 Honor Roll

Thornton, Hunter Michael 10 Honor Roll

Welch, Emily Grace 10 Honor Roll

Westbrook, Ashley Nichole 10 Honor Roll

Williams, Emily Christel 10 Honor Roll

Zipprich, Brianna Lynn 10 Honor Roll

AlKalaf, Sofia Zainab 9 Honor Roll

Armbruster, Montana Mae 9 Honor Roll

Belangee, Megan Sara 9 Honor Roll

Bernard, Madelyn Leigh 9 Honor Roll

Biesk, Samantha Loy 9 Honor Roll

Church, Isaiah Bryan 9 Honor Roll

Clark, Cahki Beth 9 Honor Roll

Cooper, Brianna Rene 9 Honor Roll

Cox, Alex Brandon 9 Honor Roll

Cox, Christian James Scott 9 Honor Roll

Daniels, Sophie Nichol 9 Honor Roll

Deardeuff, Elliott Gene 9 Honor Roll

Fields, Brandon Lloyd 9 Honor Roll

Finegan, Kayleigh Noel 9 Honor Roll

Franke, Kaden Elijah 9 Honor Roll

Hall, Mason Charles 9 Honor Roll

Halley, Grant Steven 9 Honor Roll

Harkey, Rebecca Kathleen 9 Honor Roll

Harmon, Jacob Michael 9 Honor Roll

Hartmann, Chasey Jaden 9 Honor Roll

Herrin, Lucas Patrick 9 Honor Roll

Hogan, Jessica Sarah 9 Honor Roll

Landers, Griffin Michael 9 Honor Roll

Lewis, Maria Dorothea 9 Honor Roll

Lewis, Zoey Michelle 9 Honor Roll

Loewen, Keaton Steven 9 Honor Roll

Marrujo, Sage Noe 9 Honor Roll

Martin, Caitlyn Paige 9 Honor Roll

Martin, Sidney Elizabeth 9 Honor Roll

Meyers, Richard Allen 9 Honor Roll

Moore, Matthew William 9 Honor Roll

Nolte, Jordan Mechelle 9 Honor Roll

Oller, Callie Rose 9 Honor Roll

Ottwell, Abigail Mikala 9 Honor Roll

Piening, Trenton Donald 9 Honor Roll

Prindable, Austin Christopher 9 Honor Roll

Ryan, Dalton Joseph 9 Honor Roll

Simpson, Ross Thomas 9 Honor Roll

Slone, Jonathan Andrew 9 Honor Roll

Slone, Lucas Alan 9 Honor Roll

Smock, Elijah Gregory 9 Honor Roll

Thomas, Allen Matthew 9 Honor Roll

Throne, Trevor Alan 9 Honor Roll

Tucker, Tori Danyell 9 Honor Roll

Tyler, Kennedie Beth 9 Honor Roll

Tyus, Kourtland Kennedi 9 Honor Roll

Vaughn, Nicholas Eugene 9 Honor Roll

Wade, Malena Lazara Rose 9 Honor Roll

Yates, Hannah Rose 9 Honor Roll

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