CARROLLTON - Carrollton is a quiet town with little crime. When burglars attempted 32 vehicle break-ins on Saturday, Nov. 21, 2020, it created quite a stir in the community and with law enforcement.

Carrollton Police Chief Mike McCartney has a simple message for residents: lock your vehicles and your homes and don’t leave any valuables in your vehicles.

Chief McCartney said a pair of shotguns were taken from one car that wasn’t locked, on Nov. 21, and a rifle with a scope and two crossbows were also stolen. Unfortunately, McCartney said those weapons could now be used elsewhere to commit another serious crime unless they are recovered.

Chief McCartney said Jerseyville, Hardin, Fieldon, and Pontoon Beach have also been hit by vehicle burglars.

The night of the multiple vehicle break-ins, a Carrollton Police officer attempted to stop an out-of-town vehicle that was speeding and chased the vehicle out of town but eventually had to stop for safety reasons. The officer did not know of the vehicle break-ins at the time of the chase, which was uncovered after. Officers are now showing more attention to out-of-town or out-of-state vehicles at night.

Carrollton Police Chief McCartney said people around town have become relaxed and need to realize they simply cannot leave their vehicles or homes unlocked or leave valuables in a vehicle.

“At this point, we do not know who is behind the break-ins, but crime from St. Louis could very well be spreading to our small communities,” he said.

Chief McCartney said the vehicle burglary investigation is intense around the different communities and he hopes the crimes can soon be solved.

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