This is the present location of Big Muddy Pub, which will close at the end of month at 204 State St. in Alton. (Photo by Dan Brannan)This will be the new location for Chris Keidel and his upcoming restaurant/bar change at 554 E. Broadway in Alton. (Photo by Dan Brannan)ALTON - Big Muddy Pub owner Chris Keidel will be closing his location at 204 State St. in Alton at the end of January, but the good news is he will reopen at a new building, 554 E. Broadway, which was the old Shakers business.

Keidel said he was uncertain what the name of his new location would be, but he said he was excited about moving to a new destination.

He said flooded basements and being packed in the middle of 15 bars were two of the key reasons he decided to make the move.

“I was just ready to move up on the hill to a better location, with a beautiful view,” he said.

Big Muddy Pub has been a fixture in Downtown Alton for more than a decade. Keidel said he plans the same type of menu to start, but he will adapt the food some as soon as he gets a full kitchen and staff at the new location. Keidel said he realizes the new location will be close to where Princivalli’s was located until its recent closure. He said there is a definite need for a solid place for lunch in the absence of Princivalli's.

“We are hoping we can pick up that church and office crowd located where we will be at 554 E. Broadway,” Keidel said. “We are hoping to have a good lunch crowd. We are going to maintain our late liquor license but we haven’t decided on our hours yet.”

Keidel said he sees possibly more of a concentration on food and table service at the new location. He said he could also see the size of the new location could lead to larger events within the new facility. He said he may even begin some live music back at 554 E. Broadway.

Keidel hasn’t set an exact date to open the new location but he is hoping by the first of February 2017.

“We won’t have to make a lot of changes to the facility,” he said. “We will just clean some; we won’t have to paint or make drastic changes. I made a choice I didn’t want to buy the building at 204 State Street.”

The Big Muddy Pub owner said he leaves the State Street location on good terms and is ecstatic about the new possibilities at where Shakers was once housed.

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