SPRINGFIELD – State Rep. Dan Beiser, D-Alton, is supporting measures to remove restrictions on the rights of firearms owners.

“While we finally were able to pass concealed carry legislation in 2013, the law that is in place infringes on the rights of gun owners,” Beiser said. “Law-abiding citizens should not have to jump through hoops to follow the law. Lawmakers must find a way to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals while protecting citizens’ Second Amendment rights.”

Beiser is supporting multiple measures to eliminate excessive restrictions on concealed carry licensees. House Bill 319 would remove the requirement that licensed owners unload their firearm prior to exiting their vehicle for the purpose of storage or retrieval and House Bill 481 would allow concealed firearms to be carried at interstate rest areas. Additionally, Beiser is supporting House Bill 482, which calls for permitting individuals to use their concealed carry license as a form of identification necessary to purchase firearms and ammunition. Finally, Beiser is fighting to remove the waiting period required to receive a concealed carry license after purchasing a firearm.

“These restrictions do not prevent guns from getting into the hands of criminals,” Beiser added. “Instead, they place burdensome barriers between trained individuals and their right to protect and defend themselves.”

For more on upcoming legislation, please contact Beiser’s full-time constituent service office at 618-465-5900.

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