JERSEYVILLE - The Stadium Theater at 124 East Pearl in Jerseyville announced Tuesday evening it received bad news from distributors that several more big movie releases will be moved to December because of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The theater will not reopen until the big movies are released.

"We have made the hard decision not to open this weekend," the Stadium said in a release tonight. "This has been an ongoing thing because of COVID. You see, with the large markets, like New York and California being shut down, the film distributors are holding their products to be released when they will see a larger return.

"We will not have any new film to show at least until December. We tried opening with throwback movies and that didn't pay the bills, so at this time we will just sit back and see what the election or Christmas brings.

"So sorry for all the confusion. We are disappointed as well. We will see you all soon."

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