Alton Little Theater is so pleased to share the good news that three musical productions in 2011 have now collectively received a record number of twelve nominations for "Best Musical Performance Awards" through the "Arts For Life" coalition, based in St. Louis, Missouri.

Indeed, THE SPITFIRE GRILL (produced September 2011) received Nine nominations for Best Small Ensemble Musical, Best Direction, Best Musical Direction, Best Stage Design, Best Lighting Design- and Performance Nominations for Lead Actress, Mary Kate Malone-Nolte and featured Actor and Actress, John Keuhn and Debbie Maneke respectively.

Anne Frakes also received a nomination for best Comedic Actress in a musical production. Diana Enloe, director of THE SPITFIRE GRILL and a past winner-recipient for Direction four times in the past ten years, quickly sent out her own congratulations to the production crew of Allison Neace, Michael Frazier, Jeff Pruett, and Jane Hill. ALT also congratulates Roger Speidel of SUIE for his nomination for Lead Actor for his performance in CURTAINS (May 2011) along with Jean Heil, who was nominated for Featured Actress in the same production.

A Supporting Actor nomination was also bestowed upon Kevin Minor for his role in the youth-oriented ALT Summer Production of HAIRSPRAY; both CURTAINS and HAIRSPRAY were directed by Sue Mueller. The Award Ceremony will take place on June 10th and tickets will be available through the Theater's Board of Governors.

More information will be available through the Arts For Life Website: Interviews and more information about the nomination process and past successes can be obtaining by contacting Lee Cox, PR Chair and Diana Enloe, Director Emeritus through the ALT office 462-3205.

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