Dr. Michael Harbison, DC, MCS-P, CCCPC, of iCAN Clinic WOOD RIVER - There is an alternative to using prescription drugs or resorting to joint surgery for pain relief.  Dr. Michael Harbison, DC, MCS-P, CCCPC, of iCAN Clinic in Wood River, Illinois, is holding an informational seminar on the use of regenerative cellular medicine for pain relief at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, February 21st, at his clinic located at 203 E. Ferguson Avenue in Wood River.

Harbison, who recently changed the name of his clinic from AlignLife of Wood River to iCAN Clinic, researched regenerative cellular medicine and, based on significant advancements in stem cell research, realized the importance of stem cell injections for treating people suffering from inflammation, reduced mobility, sports injuries, tissue and ligament damage or chronic pain.

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“Our mission at iCAN Clinic is to help our patients unlock the God given potential of their body.” said Harbison.  “Stem cells are the body’s master cells and can develop into all other cells, so not only is pain relieved, it is possible new cartilage, ligaments and bone can be regenerated.”  “Stem cell therapy gives our patients a choice other than surgery and/or a regimen of possibly addictive narcotics.” Harbison went on to say “That’s an easy choice to make given that this therapy has been known provide full relief to patients after only one treatment.”  “Generally, the repair process begins immediately and the repair process can continue for up to eight additional months from the date of the initial procedure.”

But it wasn’t until Dr. Harbison found an ethical source of stem cells that he decided to offer the therapy. Harbison said that the Stem Cell Institute of America provides stem cells that were taken from placentas that were donated by mothers after the birth of their child. There was no destruction of life in the process of obtaining these stem cells.

Harbison is excited about offering the new stem cell therapy because he’s seen its results.   

Seating for the Tuesday, February 21st, seminar is limited so reservations are required.  To reserve a seat for the 7:00 p.m. program, contact iCAN Clinic at 618-254-2273.

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Stem Cell Therapy Seminar • Tuesday February 21, 7:00 PM

iCAN Clinic

203 E Ferguson Ave.

Wood River, IL 62095



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