Week Seven

"Are You Feeding Your Child's Brain, What It Needs?"

"Berries! Berries!"

Hey, did you know that whole cranberries" come from a dwarf evergreen shrub, cultivated world-wide?"

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Fresh "whole cranberries" are ideal bite size powerful antioxidants, anti-flamatory, anti-cancer, chronic disease bacteria barrier & popularly, believed to be an infection preventor!

Cranberries are truly one of natures awesome gifts, which are usually eaten cooked & sweeten for a sauce, a Holiday favorite!

Yet, raw, whole, cranberries, can be eaten for amazing health benefits! And, it's so easy to eat & to reap the health gains!
Why not, start this week!

It's important, to establish healthy, organic, eating habits for your child, early in life, to promote a healthier aging journey!!

So, this Autumn, begin serving "fresh, whole cranberries" creatively, your style, along with a balanced meal plan!

Go for it! Or, how about: sprinkle several whole, raw, cranberries, over: Hot or cold cereals, dips, salads, soups, vegetables, casseroles, meat & fish, even over pudding, yogurt, over pie & ice cream!

Bonus: Try sprinkling raw whole cranberries inside peanut butter sandwiches, for the wholesome whole, raw, cranberry crunch!

Plus! Enjoy eating fresh, whole, raw cranberries, like peanuts? Or, with popcorn!


'Tis the Season: Even though, whole cranberries are, usually available year round, Autumn kicks off a new Season!

Select your bag of Fresh, Whole, Raw Cranberries, rich in red color.

Rinse in a colander, gently, or place your fresh whole cranberries in a large bowl, fill with cold water; Watch the healthiest cranberries, rise to the surface. And, discard bruised, damage or soft.


Ready for a taste test?
Fair warning, it may require several? It's an acquired taste!

Enjoy the "crunch!"

Also, you may want to open the entire bag, from the get-go!

Okay, raw cranberries do have, slightly, unpleasant, bitter taste ................. ?

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But, that's easily overcome, when served creatively!

You may want to transfer the rest of the bag, into a reseal type, zip-bag & refrigerate!


NOTE: In risk of repeating the "health-tip" don't waste your child's precious time, eating & drinking artificial foods, sugary calories & eating fillers, worthless nutrients, unwanted calories, saturated fats & the like, as much, as, possible!

After all, you really do want to avoid excessive additives, sweeteners, artificial foods, impurities in what your child consumes!

And, feeding your child "fresh, whole, raw cranberries, is a healthy winner!

IMPORTANT Medical Caution: As always, beware of any & all "berries" allergy!
Check with your child's medical team, for best advice, best individualized, professional recommendations, for "berries" consumption!

Just remember! Include "fresh,raw, whole,cranberries" in your child's diet, esp., for overall brain health!

It's a great way, to kick-off this Holiday Season!

Stay tuned, for more Splash Health-Tips!!

Seize the Day!

Holly Fairfield

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