ALTON - The Alton School District celebrated the return of students to Mark Twain School with a ribbon cutting ceremony, hosted by the RiverBend Growth Association, Wednesday afternoon at the newly remodeled school on Milton Road.

Superintendent Mark Cappel said the project has been a long time coming.

“We’ve discussed it over the last several years and we finally made our dream come true,” Cappel said. “We truly believe that our students and staff here at Mark Twain deserve this facility just as our other students within the district.”

“I just wanted to thank everyone here,” Catherine Elliott, Director of Special Education said. “Students, staff, community, board members, administrators, teacher, social workers, clerks, everyone that is standing here today supported the vision of what Mark Twain School is.”

Elliott said the Alton School District truly invests in its students, staff and community and the new K-12 school is a testament to that.

“They invest of all of their people, teachers, staff and especially students,” she said. “Mark Twain school is just another part of the vision that Alton School District has. I’m very proud. I wanted to point out Stacie Franke, she has been at MAC, now Mark Twain School, her whole career. Her and her staff work every single day for the students. I will close with thanking the students. They come everyday because they want something more than what they have now and that’s what this school is all about.”

Stacie Franke, Principal of Mark Twain School, said it’s very exciting to be in the newly remodeled building.

"We're excited,” Franke said. “I think we're excited because it's what is best for students and we're excited to see it finally come together because it's been a lot of hard work for a lot of people.”

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