Bethalto, IL - December 27, 2010. Film is alive and well in the Midwest! All Night Pictures, a company at the heart of Midwest production, will celebrate its five year anniversary on January 16, 2011. Founded in Bethalto, IL, and based out of both Bethalto and Chicago, All Night produces narrative films and offers commercial services including promotional and music videos.

On January 16, 2006, filming commenced on All Night’s first project, The Ballistics. The four chartered members, Brent Madison, Matt Stemmley, Tyler Warren, and Michael J. Hauser, founded the company as a front for the film. An intriguing international crime drama, The Ballistics took six months to complete and premiered on July 14, 2006. On the morning of the premiere, director Brent Madison was interviewed by KTVI FOX 2 in St. Louis, MO. Considered a “Tour de Force” by FOX 2’s Kevin Steincross, The Ballistics propelled All Night into their filmmaking future.

During the summers of ’07 and ‘08, All Night produced even more stunning accomplishments with a short documentary, Ethanol: A Hidden Panacea?, Jealousy, a 97-minute feature, and The Figure of Authority, a short comedy. All Night quickly put itself on the map as a re-occurring image in the St. Louis and Chicago film communities all before the company had reached three years of age.

In 2009 and 2010, All Night expanded its personnel by adding three new members to the team--Doug Pearson (Vice-President of Business Operations and Audio Supervisor), Kate Gragg (Supervising Writer), and Jerry Mack (Art Department). Expanding its library, All Night continued forward with House Rules, another short comedy that landed them multiple awards at the Piasa Film Festival. Now late in 2010, two All Night shorts are set to debut, The Door, a short thriller, set for a January 20, 2011, and Harvest, set for a June 25, 2011 release. Both films are seen as huge boosters to the All Night banner and will travel the 2011 festival circuit through November. Premiere dates for both films are yet to be set.

Film is All Night’s passion, but the company is also committed to commercial work. In 2009, All Night expounded on that commitment by offering professional, commercial services and will continue to offer those services at great prices with unwavering quality. All Night’s recent clients include Gateway Rehabilitation Company, BidViz, and Boom Entertainment. All Night seeks to expand its commercial and musical client base in the 2011 year.

In the coming 2011 year, the company stands to grow its feature film and television divisions in hopes of tackling all of the creative concepts that the five owners have placed in front of them. The Studio’s 2011 slate includes productions like Dart Night, Official Number Three, The Dead Light District, At First Glance, and Split Decision. For more information visit Thanks for watching! is hiring! Advertising Sales and Marketing Consultant.

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