Alton's Jerheart HuntleyALTON - When looking around Alton for stories of inspiration, one is successful entrepreneur Jerheart Huntley, owner of Prosper Credit Consultants, and other businesses. Jerheart is an Alton High School graduate and also graduated from Rock Valley Junior College and McKendree University.

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Jerheart made a decision in high school that he wanted to play college football, obtain a college degree and become a successful business person. Al Womack, now the Alton Boys & Girls Club director, said Jerheart overcame a lot to accomplish what he has to this point as a college grad and business owner. Jerheart's fiancé's name is Jami Goodman, his daughter is Amira, and his son is Jerheart Jr.

“When the odds were stacked against him, he was determined to go to college and played football and studied at Rock Valley Junior College. Then he played football at McKendree University and graduated with a business degree. He is very successful with his credit repair business and is a family man. He has other businesses in the works. I am very proud of him and the sky is the limit for him.”

Jerheart has formulated a plan for the region called “Madison County Beats The Recession.” Huntley's company has received 5-Star reviews on Google and Facebook.

“We are open to other businesses in other cities in Madison County and beyond,” he said. “The long-term goals of our credit repair business are to help as many people become homeowners, open businesses, purchase their dream car, and overall use credit to build a family legacy.

“What leads me to do this, is because it’s a recession right now and because we feel it. Everything is higher, gas is higher, groceries are higher, and interest rates are higher. With great credit, interest rates are lower, and you have access to other means of money rather than your everyday income. It's very important to give back to Alton because it's the place I grew up most of my life.

“Alton prepared me and gave me the skills to make it in any city in the USA. This is why I would like to give back to those who didn't get to learn these lessons from Alton.”

Jerheart said his business right now is offering 50 percent off of enrollment, which is usually $250 discounted to $125.

“Then clients will have to keep up with our monthly fee which is usually $100 discounted to $50. Repairing a person’s credit will create more homeowners. This will make Alton and surrounding areas a safer place to live by creating more homeownership.”

“The first goal is to work with city officials to offer a discounted credit repair program that has never been done at the city level before. We want to help everyone that is interested in these services become a homeowner in the Madison county area by this time next year!“

Consultation Day/Enrollment

“This is where city officials pick two days out of the month and Prosper Credit Consultants takes as many appointments as possible to get clients enrolled in our Madison County Beats the Recession Credit Repair Program. Potential clients can set up their free credit consultations with the link below! Make sure to click Free Credit Consultation.

All consultations will be done over the phone/remotely.

“This is where we collect personal information and do free credit consultations to see if these clients are a good fit for our program. People who attend will leave with information on how to obtain great credit and things to do to become a homeowner in the Alton Area.”

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Jerheart said with his program there are weekly follow-ups every Friday via Zoom.

“We will educate clients on how credit works and the dos and don’ts of using credit. We will also talk about how to purchase a home with bank loans. How there are faster ways to pay down your mortgage. Links will be provided to each client to set up one on ones with my team for specific credit-related questions.”

“Everyone's credit reports are different, so no specific time frame will be given. Time frames on average will be nine months to a year.”

Jerheart’s programs are very affordable. He said customer financial responsibility will be the following:

$21.95 for credit monitoring

$125 enrollment fee

$50 monthly

He said a frequently asked question that people ask is, "How long will this credit rebuilding process take?"

Everyone's credit profile is different so, we can’t give a specific amount of time but on average 9 months to a year. We have been doing credit repair since 2015, and we have seen great results but as we stated before everyone's credit profile is different.”

Jerheart said that one thing he can guarantee is, "If we can’t get any items deleted from your credit reports within 9 months or if we don’t help your scores grow, then you will get a full money-back guarantee with postage!”

He said when customers finish his program, they will know everything they need about credit and how to purchase homes using their credit and definitely understand credit scores and credit reports.

“Customers will learn how to get to the 720’s club for credit and how to break down a FICO scoring model vs. Vantage.”

The businessman said he believes his time at Alton High and in college taught him many life lessons about finances and how to succeed.

Jerheart thanked Al Womack for his help as a coach and for helping him land the junior college football scholarship. “He played a big part in my life,” Jerheart said.

Jerheart Huntley said what he learned most in his life is in reality, when you can become or positive force instead of a negative, “you really don’t have a choice, If you choose the other side of the fence it won’t work, but if you keep pushing through all the obstacles, you can accomplish your goals and dreams.”

For more information, contact, Prosper Credit Consultants, Alton IL 62002. E-mail or phone 1-(877) 503-7465.