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ALTON - Downtown Alton is set to have a bright, joyous Christmas look this weekend thanks to a selection and donation by the popular streaming service Netflix.

Six cities, including Alton, were selected. The others are Augusta, Ga. Vallejo, Calif., Stroudsburg, Pa., Natchez, Miss., and Norman, Okla. Netflix spokeswoman Sara Blue said in a statement several towns across the U.S., including Alton, responded with interest. The holiday display is part of Netflix's attempt to spread holiday cheer to different cities across the country. The concentration will be in the Downtown Alton area. The lights can be seen on Third Street stretching from Piasa Street to State Street.

The display will likely include lights of different colors and signs promoting Netflix movies and shows.

Alton Mayor Brant Walker said this once again puts Alton’s natural beauty and architecture back in the spotlight and that it couldn’t happen at a better time.

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“This will bring Christmas spirit to Alton after a very difficult year with the COVID-19 Pandemic,” Mayor Walker said. “I could not be happier for Alton. It will have a deep impact to have a little bit of Christmas joy for not only Alton but the entire region. It will allow us to escape the terrible year and it will be a break for the region to see something this wonderful thanks to Netflix.”

"In what has been a rough year for many, the holiday season brings the much-anticipated opportunity for an escape to a more joyous time, people are ready for the holidays," Blue said.

"We wanted to keep the merriment alive during these unprecedented times by resurrecting displays and bringing some holiday cheer."

Walker said when the lights are all positioned, it will be a “joyous bit of Christmas” with the display in Downtown Alton.

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