Mustard Seed Peace Project to participate with drinking water purification education.

GODREY, ILLINOIS - - On Thursday September 16, 2010 Mustard Seed Peace Project will participate in the 8th annual Water Festival held on the campus of Lewis and Clark Community College. This year’s event is sponsored by Lewis and Clark Community College, National Great Rivers Research and Education Center and the Nature Institute.

The Festival will provide students with a unique opportunity to investigate and explore water use, conservation practices, and environmental problems that threaten our waters. Students will participate in hands-on events to build a stronger understanding of water issues that help to encourage future stewardship of their waterways.

Mustard Seed Peace Project will provide a more international view of the importance of clean drinking water and the problems that threaten the lives of people in underprivileged countries. They will learn what is involved in obtaining clean drinking water in rural Guatemala.

Mustard Seed Peace Project is a local non profit organization whose focus is the development of youth worldwide.” Part of our program is to raise awareness here, in the United States of the hardships that youth in other parts of the world must endure on a day to day basis. We thought that it would be beneficial to involve the students in a hands on activity that would help show them that some of the things that they might take for granted, such as clean drinking water ,to youth in other parts of the world is a daily activity of manual labor.” said Teresa Cranmer, founder of the organization.

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