Welcome to the World of Holiday-Splash!

"Seasoning this Opportunity"

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Thanksgiving is Thursday, November 22!

Are you making plans, right now?

Weather you are preparing your first Thanksgiving celebration, or you have been cooking a traditional meal for many years, or planning to eat out, you might want to incorporate some of these Splash Holiday-Tips offering more than the traditional "feed" for this American Holiday!

Quick review! 
Our "5" senses: Splash is talking about our sense of: Sight, Smell, Hearing, Touch & Taste!


Sight: You could start by posting a sign, ribbon out on the street & a wreath on the door; Place a large fresh pineapple at the entrance, which is symbolic for "Welcome!

Fill every room with it's own subtle scent, distinctive aroma,, i. e., with fresh flowers, eucalyptus, cinnamon scented pine cones, candles or bowl of apples; Bake a batch of brownies after the turkey is done, put on a pot of coffee or brew spice tea!

Let different sounds fill the rooms, along with good conversation, music, bells, & hang chimes on the door, the patio or outside to blow in the wind!!

Prepare, then distribute "hot hand towels for every guest sitting at the table, to wipe their hands before the meal; Offer a unique variety of "finger foods, to ease the appetite!

Taste! Here's the calories!
Serve it all in moderation, warm, cold, spicy, guacamole jalapeno slices, mango salsa;
sweet jelly, honey. Or, crispy, crunchy, smooth & creamy side dishes!
Garlic bread, along with rosemary, poultry seasonings with the meal, if you're serving turkey & dressing, along with all the trimmings, of course!


If your holidays are already heaped in tradition, you may still want to include a few Splash Holiday-Tips to pique your senses!
And, add your own creative ideas!

Make this Thanksgiving, a Splash-Holiday to remember!

IMPORTANT NOTE: : Make inquiries discover, if any of your guests have: Food allergies, special diet considerations, in advance!

Take the Splash-Challenge to reach, please & satisfy all of your senses!

Go get 'em!

Holly Fairfield

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