Anderson Hospital has taken another major step in its mission to become one of the area’s finest and most comprehensive patient care providers. This spring, Anderson’s cutting-edge cardiac catheterization labs are opening and will offer on-site diagnostics and treatment for a much broader range of cardiovascular conditions.


LIFESAVING PROCEDURES Considered the “gold standard” in diagnosing heart disease, cardiac catheterization is a minimally invasive procedure in which a thin, flexible tube, or catheter, is inserted into the artery or vein in the patient’s arm or leg. once the catheter is inserted, the physician advances it to the heart using X-ray guidance. Contrast dye is injected through the catheter to outline the arteries and show any blockage that may be present.

“There’s a saying in the cardiology world — time is muscle,” says Michael J. Fleissner, M.d., an interventional cardiologist with the Heart Care group. “The new cath labs will allow us to address both scheduled procedures and emergency procedures simultaneously without delay. i feel the new facilities will make Anderson Hospital one of the primary eMS [emergency medical service] destinations in Madison County for treatment of sudden heart attack. Theoverall treatment of cardiovascular disease at Anderson Hospital continues to be top-notch.”

“Chest pain Accreditation demonstrates to the community that we have met a stringent set of criteria based on best practices for treating patients who present with acute coronary syndrome,” says Anderson Hospital president and Ceo Keith page. “It also ensures that when patients enter our facility with symptoms consistent with an acute or impending heart attack, we have processes and protocols in place to provide immediate treatment without delay.”

"The cath lab project is the latest step in a continuing journey to set the standard for what a community-based hospital can achieve when it commits to delivering the highest-quality patient care," said William H. Rodgers, M.S., R.N., Director of Cardiovascular Services, Anderson Hospital.


A FULLY EQUIPPED FACILITY The new 5,400-square-foot cath labs feature state-of-the-art cardiovascular imaging capabilities, including philips Flat panel Fd20 imaging systems, as well as ge Maclab patient monitoring systems. in addition, both cath lab suites have been integrated with volcano intravascular ultrasound units. The new cath suites are located in close proximity to the unit’s pre- care patient area, post-care recovery area and Chest pain Center.

“I am very excited about the imaging capabilities that the new hybrid endovascular suite will provide. endovascular abdominal aortic aneurysm repairs will no longer need to be performed using portable C-arm fluoroscopy units,” says robert Lee, M.d., a vascular surgeon on staff at Anderson. “in fact, all our peripheral angiograms and interventions (angioplasty, stenting, atherectomy and embolization) will be easier to perform because of the state-of- the-art features in the hybrid endovascular suite.”



The cath lab completion coincides with the hospital’s recent achievement of Chest pain Accreditation with percutaneous Coronary intervention through the Society of Cardiovascular patient Care. By meeting a rigorous set of criteria, Anderson Hospital is one of only 33 hospitals in illinois to achieve the accreditation and the only hospital in Madison County to earn this recognition.



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