South Central Conference (SCC) Cross Country Meet - Monday @ Schneider Park in Brighton....hosted by Southwestern


Boys title - Carlinville

Boys team standings: (1) Carlinville, (2) Staunton, (3) Southwestern, (4) Roxana, (5) Greenville.


Girls title - Litchfield

Girls team standings: (1) Litchfield, (2) Carlinville, (3) Roxana, (4) Staunton, (5) Southwestern.  




*The Shells top finisher was sophomore Michaela Tarpley who placed 7th in the girls race.  Also in the top 20 for Roxana - Lette Palen (15th) & Jaidyn Peebles (16th).  Roxana's Nathan Lowe finished in 12th place in the boys race.  Gage Robinette (14th) and Dakota Stumpf (17th) were also in the top-20 for the Shells.


Boys winner: Collin Kessinger (Greenville), 2nd-Samuel Mock (Carlinville)

Girls winner: Claudia Magnussen (Pana), 2nd-Briana Travis (Litchfield) 




Southwestern runners in top-20:

Isabelle Wolff (17th) - girls

Caden Bohn (7th) - boys

Grant Seniker (10th) - boys

Jordon Cathorall (13th) - boys