Alton Knights of Columbus QB Club Players of the Week - week 6 -


*Off. Line -- EA/WR Oilers

484 yards, 55 points (vs. Pawnee)

>>Adam Newberry, Zach Kincade, Joey Copeland, Marc St. Peters, Mark Vann, Geoffrey Martinez, Lukas Westbrook



*Off. Back -- Zach Womack -- 8-carries for 163 yards,

3-touchdowns (including a 47-yd TD catch)



*Def. Lineman -- Zach Kincade (EA/WR) -- 9-line tackles, 3-assists, 3-tackles for loss, 1-QB sack



*Def. Back -- Jonathan Bumpers (Alton) -- 3-solo tackles, 2-assists, 1-interception returned for a 20-yd TD