Marquette Catholic High School in Alton is looking for a new head football coach.  Matt Bucher announced his intention to leave his job as a business teacher and Head Football Coach this (Friday) morning.  He is leaving to become the Business Development and Financial Services Director of a privately held company. 

Bucher graduated from Marquette Catholic in 2003, earned a Bachelor of Science in 2007, Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) in 2008 and a Master’s of Science and Education (MSE) in 2012, all from Quincy University. He served as an Assistant Football Coach for two years and Head Football Coach the past two years, earning a 12-7 record with one appearance in the IHSA playoffs. He has taught Personal Finance and Introduction to Business for 4 years.

"We are sad to see Coach Bucher go. He is a respected business teacher with an MBA. We were lucky to have him as long as we did. He had a bright future as a football coach. As much as we want him to stay, we recognize this is a professional opportunity he cannot realistically pass up. We wish him nothing but the best and thank him for all the time he has given to our students and student athletes”, said Michael E. Slaughter, Principal. “We anticipate making a decision on a successor quickly and a decision will be made in the best interest of the Marquette football program."


"I was recently approached by a very close, trusted friend about an excellent job opportunity outside of education. I have decided to accept this position as the Business Development and Financial Services Director of a privately held company, the demands of which will not allow me to dedicate the time required of a head football coach. I believe that to progress and grow as a person, you need to take on new challenges throughout your life. For me, the fear of regret is much greater than the fear of failure.  After reflecting on this opportunity, I have realized it is one I simply cannot pass up.  I am excited for the chance to use my MBA and practice the business principles I have taught Marquette students the last 4 years.  

As great of a professional opportunity this new job will be, leaving is bittersweet. I have only positive things to say about my experiences at Marquette, whether it was as a student, a teacher, or a coach.  Marquette has blessed me with so many opportunities over the years. My love and support for the school and the Marquette community will not waver one bit.  I would like to thank Mike Slaughter and the Marquette Administration. From a teacher's perspective, this school is so special because we are allowed to use the methods we feel are most effective for our students without the constraints and mandates found in other environments. In my opinion, this is why Marquette students have such a high rate of success following high school. I could not bring myself to deeply consider teaching or coaching anywhere else.  

I want to thank the parents and families of our football players, support staff, boosters and alumni for all the support they have shown me. 

To my fellow coaches and our past and present players - thank you for trusting me as your head coach. Marquette has a proud and successful football program.  I have been fortunate to be just a part of that success as a player and coach. This program always has been, and always will be, much bigger than one person.  I have no doubt the team will continue doing things "The Marquette Way" while winning a lot of football games in the upcoming years.  

At Marquette, we talk about the "Marquette Family" on a regular basis.  I have meant every word I have spoken about the love I have for our players and Marquette. Although the thought of leaving as a teacher and coach makes me sad, I know I will always be a part of the Marquette family and that gives me confidence to pursue this new opportunity.   

On Explorers!"


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