The 67th Alton Exchange Club Players of the Year basketball banquet was held last night – and the top awards went to Hunter Reine of Roxana and Megkinzie Carter of Civic Memorial.

Players were honored from Riverbend High Schools – Roxana, C.M., EA/WR, Alton, and Marquette.  

110 percent awards – Marquette Explorers: Sam Scheiter and Cassie McFadden

Free throw awards – A’Basa Brown of the Alton Redbirds and Jordann Wilson of Marquette



Team MVP’s –

Alton – JaQuail Townser and Erica Walker

Marquette – Jake Coddington and Cassie McFadden

Roxana – Hunter Reine and Malory Liley

EA/WR – Jake Cobb and Keri Harmon

C.M. – Kyle Yates and Megkinzie Carter


Team sportsmanship awards – C.M. (boys) & Roxana (girls)