The National Hockey League will hold its 2016 NHL Entry Draft tonight and tomorrow in Buffalo, NY.  Round One will get underway at 6 pm this evening (Friday) with the Toronto Maple Leafs holding the top-overall pick. 


The Blues have 6 picks in the seven rounds of the draft over the next two days.  St. Louis will pick #28 in the first round on Friday night. 


The top 5 picks in the draft tonight:

1. Toronto

2. Winnipeg

3. Columbus

4. Edmonton

5. Vancouver




Round One - Friday @ 6 pm

Rounds 2-7 - Saturday @ 9 am


*The Blues 2nd pick will be #59 overall in the second round on Saturday. 

They will also have 2 of the final 3 picks in the draft - with picks #209 and #211 in the 7th round.