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Antipasti Salad

Category: Salads
posted by: Dumpling
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Chopped tomatoes (marinated overnight in an oil, basil, salt mixture if time allows)

Sicilian Olives

Julienned provolone cheese & asiago cheese

Hard boiled eggs quartered

Julienned prosciutto, salame, cappicolla meats

Whole pepperoncinis

Sliced red onion

Zuchinni sliced and cut into ½ moons

Quartered artichoke hearts

Roasted red pepper slices
Start with a platter of chopped romaine and red leaf lettuce. Top with ingredients above - artfully arranged so all the colors are visible. Drizzle with homemade Greek dressing - making your own makes all the difference! This dish is a beautiful display and is a meal in itself!

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