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Tuna pasta salad

Category: Main Dishes
posted by: missywuellner
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1 one-pound box medium shell (or bow tie, etc.) dry pasta
1 one-quart package grape (or cherry, halved) tomatoes
3 5-ounce cans chunk tuna, drained (albacore or light)
3 2.25-ounce cans sliced black olives, drained
1 16-ounce bottle Italian dressing
1 8-ounce jar grated Parmesan cheese


Cook pasta according to package directions, drain and pour in very large mixing or serving bowl. Wash tomatoes and add to pasta. Stir in drained tuna and olives. Slowly add bottle of Italian dressing, use less if desired (I usually only use 3/4 of a bottle). Do same with Parmesan cheese. Stir well and serve, or chill and serve later.

About this Recipe:

Very easy and simple pasta salad. Great for potlucks and picnics. Can serve as main dish or side dish.

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