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Easy Chili

Category: Main Dishes
posted by: Wendy
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1 lb. ground chuck

1 14oz. can fire roasted, diced tomatoes

1 14oz. can tomatoe sauce

1 can Chili Man chili with beans (desired heat level)

1 package Chili Man chili seasoning

Jalapeno peppers to taste and desired spice level

Whole kernal white or yellow corn if desired

Shredded Cheese (I prefer a cheddar/jack or blend of cheddar cheeses)

Sour Cream

Soup Crackers



Brown ground chuck in 10 in. skillet then drain excess grease. Transfer to large pot, add all other ingredients and simmer, stirring frequently, until heated through.

After put into individual serving bowls, stir in a spoon of sour cream (if desired), top with shredded cheese and crackers.


About this Recipe:

This recipe yields 4-6 nice size servings and is easily doubled. It is a thicker chili and is also great to use for chili cheese nachos!

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