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Category: Main Dishes
posted by: kyates17
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2 Packages of McCormick Original Chili mix

2 8oz Cans of Tomato Paste

1 Can of Dark Red Kidney Beans

1 Can of Chili Ready Tomatoes

1 lb of Ground Beef or Turkey

Minced Onions

Ground Cumin

Ground Red Pepper

Shredded Cheese


1. Brown the Beef or Turkey and Drain

2. Add the 2 Cans of Tomato Paste with 4 cans of water (I use the cans to add the water) and mix together

3. Add the chili mix and spices together

4. Mix in the tomatoes, beans and beef

5. Let simmer until warm

6. Garnish with Cheese


About this Recipe:

This is a super easy recipe for Chili. It's fast, easy and really Yummy!

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