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Cream Puff Swans

Category: Appetizers
posted by: dangonzales
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Powdered Sugar

Choux Paste:

1/4 lb (one stick) Unsalted Butter

1 cup Water

3/4 c (4oz) Flour

1/4 c Sugar

1/2 t Salt

4 Large Eggs

Classic Chantilly Cream:

 ;;1 c 40% Cream

1/4 c Powdered Sugar

1/4 t Vanilla

1 T Orange Liquor (optional)


Choux Paste:

Put water &;; butter into a sauce pan and bring to a boil. ;; Add sugar &;; salt. ;; Remove from heat and add the flour. ;; Return to heat and stir until the mixture comes away from the sides. ;; Remove from heat and let set 5 minutes. ;; Add eggs one at a time, stirring between each addition until egg is incorporated.

Classic Chantilly Cream:

Mix together. ;; Whip until desired thickness is reached.

Do not over whip.

Cream Puff Swans:

Preheat oven to 400º;;.

Cover two sheet pans with parchment paper.

Fill a pastry bag with a large star tip with choux paste. ;; Pipe teardrop shapes onto the parchment using 3/4 of the paste (about 16-18).

Put remaining paste into a bag with a small tip. ;; On second sheet pan pipe paste into an S shape with a head at one end.

Bake bodies in same fashion as profiteroles. ;; Remove heads after 10 minutes at 400º;;.

Cut the bodies horizontally about 1/3 from the top then cut removed top in 1/2 lengthwise to form wings.

Pipe chantilly cream into body and then add wings. ;;

Finish with head &;; neck. ;; Dust with powdered sugar.

About this Recipe:

Recipe taken from a live demonstartion by:

"Cooking With Chef Kenny" in Francos at the Alton Holiday Inn.

You can watch Kenny make it on RBTV

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