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Gorgonzola-Leek Cheesecake

Category: Appetizers
posted by: dangonzales
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2 ½; c Cracker Crumbs
1/2 c Ground Walnuts
1/2 Stick Butter

2 ½; c Cream Cheese, at room temperature
5 Large Eggs
2 Yolks
1/3 c 40% Cream
2 t Flour
1 Leek, white part sliced &; sauté;;;ed
3/4 c Gorgonzola Cheese, grated finely
1/4 t Thyme Leaves
1 T White Wine
Salt & Pepper to taste


Mix crust ingredients together and press onto bottom of a greased spring form pan.

Put cream cheese in mixer & stir on low.

Add eggs, yolks, cream &; flour.

Stir until uniform.

Add leeks, Gorgonzola, thyme, wine, salt &; pepper.

Stir until just mixed and pour batter into the prepared spring form pan.

Bake at 300º; until center is firm, about 1-1 ½; hours.

About this Recipe:

Recipe taken from a live demonstartion by:

"Cooking With Chef Kenny" in Francos at the Alton Holiday Inn.

You can watch Kenny make it here:;q=&;linkclick=true

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