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Ravioli Caprese

Category: Main Dishes
posted by: dangonzales
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1 c. Ricotta

1/4 c. Grated Fresh Parmesan

1 Egg Yolk

Salt, Pepper, & Nutmeg to taste


12 oz. All Purpose Flour = 2 c. + 2 T.

10 oz. Boiling Water

Pinch Salt


3 Tomatoes, peeled &; skinned

1/4 c. Olive Oil

Salt &; Pepper

6 Basil Leaves, Julienne


1. Make the Filling

Mix the egg yolk and cheeses together. ;;; Season with salt, pepper, and nutmeg. ;;; Refrigerate until needed.

2. Make the Dough

If using an electric mixer fit with the dough hook.

Put the flour in the bowl and turn on low. ;;; Measure the boiling water and slowly pour the water into the flour &; let the dough knead about 5 minutes. ;;; Let dough rest 5 minutes.

3. ;; Make the Sauce

Chop the tomatoes. ;;; Heat oil in sauce pan and add the chopped tomatoes. Simmer 5 minutes.

4. Make Ravioli

Flour a pastry board &; roll out 1/3 of dough into an

18”;;x 5”;; sheet. ;;; Evenly place eight 2 tsp. portions of filling on the dough and fold over. ;;; Cut ravioli with cutter. ;;;

Repeat 2 times for a total of 24 ravioli. ;;; Let sit on a kitchen towel until ready to cook.

To Serve

Boil ravioli about 3 minutes.

Place 6 ravioli on warm plate and top with 2oz. of sauce then top with basil.

About this Recipe:

Recipe taken from a live demonstartion by:

"Cooking With Chef Kenny" in Francos at the Alton Holiday Inn.

You can watch Kenny make it here:;q=cooking&;linkclick=true

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