While the national spotlight remains on an Oklahoma town following a devastating tornado that ripped apart the town of Moore Monday afternoon, it now appears the WBGZ listening area was also targeted by a much smaller tornado as part of the same storm system.  Damage in Mount Olive is apparently linked to a short-lived EF-2 tornado.  The National Weather Service reports the twister was on the ground for about a minute, traveling a mile or so.  

National Weather Service Meteorologist Melissa Byrd explains how they determine where a tornado has hit.

Byrd comments

The storm may have caused a fire that destroyed three buildings in the downtown area on North Street, but no injuries were reported.  The storm also blew in eight fire bay doors at the Mount Olive Fire Department.  She says the best way to stay safe in a severe weather outbreak is to listen to your weather radio, and know where and when to go when the storms approach.

(photos courtesy Matthew Carroll)

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