More than one person in Washington, Ill., has pointed out the Nov. 17 tornado ripped through countless empty homes and bypassed full churches.

“God is in control, even when really horrible things happen,” says Mallory Martin, 17, who has been volunteering through her church. For those who may be questioning their faith, she posits, “It is really tempting – like, 'Why would God let that happen?' But I can have faith that God is going to do something really awesome with that, because He’s a loving God, and He created me, and He saved me, so I know that He is not finished with us.”

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It was another power – mother and mother-in-law – which may have been looking over Lisa Hunter and her family. They hid in the basement and lost everything, then saw her mother’s cremation urn standing defiantly in the front yard. About 10 feet away: an 8 x 10 picture of her husband’s mother.

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