There were two shooting incidents early this morning near the site of a police involved shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, last weekend.  In one incident, a police officer shot a man who allegedly pointed a gun at the officer.  In a separate incident, a woman was shot in the head in an apparent drive-by shooting just after midnight.  The incidents followed another night of protests near the site of last weekend’s death of 18 year old Michael Brown.

Police say a male suspect was shot and injured this morning as he pointed a gun at a police officer near Chambers Road and Sheffingdell Court in an unincorporated part of north St. Louis County.  Officers from St. Louis County had responded to the report of several armed masked men in the area and shots fired and the officer shot at the suspect as the man allegedly pointed a weapon in the direction of the officer.  The officer was not injured and the suspect was taken to an area hospital for treatment.  Just after midnight, a woman was shot in the head in an apparent drive-by shooting on Highmont Drive in Ferguson.  Her injuries were described as non-life threatening and police are looking for four to five men in a car as suspects in the incident.  

Last evening, a group of protestors again attempted to gather in Ferguson near the site of where the police involved shooting took place last weekend and were turned back by officers who again used tear gas to disperse the crowd.  The demonstrations took place shortly after two different rallies were held at churches in north St. Louis County calling for non-violence, reconciliation and justice in the case. 


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