Medical marijuana is under consideration in Springfield. State Rep. Lou Lang (D-Skokie) is working on a bill that would allow those who are sick to use marijuana to help them with their pain or symptoms.                                

State Rep. Dennis Rebolleti (R-Elmhurst) has voiced concern about the bill, wondering how the state would be able to monitor the drug. “Who’s going to grow the marijuana? Who’s going to dispense the marijuana? What types of diseases are going to be covered by it? So, it’s a pretty complex issue,” he said.

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A medical marijuana bill was introduced in the last General Assembly, but it did not pass. Lang hopes this General Assembly will make it happen. “The idea that we would approve marijuana to help very sick people should not be as controversial as it is,” he said.

Lang says other states have approved medical marijuana legislation, and a couple of states have made marijuana legal for any purpose.

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