Being face-to-face didn’t stop the two major-party candidates for governor from attacking each other Tuesday.  Appearing before the editorial board of the Chicago Tribune, Bruce Rauner and Gov. Pat Quinn focused on trying to pin scandals on one another. Rauner accused Quinn of being similar to Rod Blagojevich because of politically motivated hiring at the Illinois Department of Transportation.  “The only difference between Pat and Rod is the hair,” Rauner said. “Those guys are fundamentally the same when it comes to corruption, cronyism, and patronage.”
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Quinn responded by saying Rauner should be held responsible for whatever has gone wrong at businesses affiliated with his former investment firm. “You have to be accountable,” Quinn said. “You just can’t run out the door, collect the money, and leave vulnerable people suffering because of your neglect.”  This was the candidates’ second joint appearance of the campaign. The next one that both candidates have agreed to attend is a debate to be hosted by the League of Women Voters in Peoria on Oct. 9. 
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